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So I live in England, which is an itsy bitsy country which has come QUITE far in a good couple of hundreds of years, but we still have one problem.

Freedom of speech & freedom to express who we are.

But unfortunately it's not just here where we have problems with that, it's all around the world where we have this problem.

You get constantly criticised for what you say, how you act, what you wear or anything!

What is SO wrong if I want to have pink dip dyed hair? It makes me feel happy. I think it's pretty, and I know a number of people who also think so.

But yet the education system for example, now say that if you have coloured hair you're distracting yourself and others from learning. WELL I'M SORRY!! This clearly hasn't applied to our teachers by the way, who at BROADLAND HIGH SCHOOL in NORFOLK have said so themselves, yet I've seen at least 2 teachers there with either bright pink hair or bright red hair.

How on earth is this fair? Students are being told by teachers who are there to set an example and/or to be a role model that you're not allowed to dye your hair any unnatural colour, but then ignore your own words and go and do it regardless?

My response to that, was to go ahead and get the BRIGHT pink dip dye done to the end of my hair, and at the time I was then no longer a student there, as we only went in to school for exams, one of the sub teachers who I never particularly got on with, turned to me and said, "You can't go in this exam looking like that." I turned round to her, laughed in her face and said. "I'm not a student here any more. I can have my hair the colour I want it. I could get as many piercings as I wanted and you culd do nothing about it. This is how I wish to express myself, and I've had nothing but complements for the way my hair is. Don't be so rude and disrespect me, like you do to everybody else daily. This is my last exam here and you can't do ANYTHING about it. My sister who is training to be a hairdresser dyed it, this was her first time ever doing foils and bleaching hair. So have some respect, because she's learning this stuff, and besides, the head teacher LOVES it!" It's fair to say I got a round of applause from all the students in the hall way waiting to go in the exam. All that woman did as glare and walk away.

I can guaranty you that if I didn't have that much confidence, adrenaline and bleach going through me, I wouldn't gave gotten my 'C' in maths that day. ;)

Why should we be critisised by the way we look? How is that going to influence how we act and how we work in society.

How is the colour of our skin going to change the way we act and work in society.

I've had to go into hospital twice in my life (for me) once when I broke my finger and and the second time for when I tried to overdose.

The doctor I had to fix my broken finger was from Colombia and he has been a trained doctor for 15 years. He puts up with racism daily, but yet I would trust that man with any broken bones I had.

There were 2 doctors I had for the time I tried to overdose, he was a consultant and made me laugh so hard the bad stuff I was feeling seemed to almost vanish. He was lovely, funniest man and kindest man I'd ever met. He was from Brazil, and moved to this country 6 years ago and started a life of his own, he's married and has 3 children. He helped me realise there was happiness past all the bad stuff. The other guy who had to take a blood test was patient with me and kind. I took diazepam which is used to relieve anxiety, I took 6 as they were my partners, and you were only allowed to take one daily. And if anyone knows what they do, they can make you really tired. So he was very patient and caring as I nearly kept nodding off the whole time he was there.

Not to forget the BEST woman I have ever come across in my whole doctor kind of life. My Dentist who I had for 11 years. She was from South Africa, and I never trusted anyone but her with my teeth. She was a lovely lady and she was always shocked to see me saying how much I had grown or how good my teeth were. Even when I was 16 she still gave me a sticker and a sugar free lollipop. Unfortunately I don't see her anymore as she doesn't do anyone over the age of 18's teeth.

They don't come over hear and take jobs from us. They come over here and take the jobs nobody over here can be bothered to do. This country is not filled with enough trained doctors or nurses, so I personally am grateful for those who come here to work and start their life. Why England I don't know as our weather is shocking hahaha.

But I am grateful to every single one I meet as they are here helping us.

So I am completely 100% against Racism and discrimination to those who want to be different and are SO FABULOUSLY different, in which ever way they are and chose to be.

I love being different, wearing my own style of clothes, and not following trends. I love having funky colour hair as well as I feel so unique and not boring and the same.

Be unique.

Be YOU! Not what society wants you to be!

Published by Holly Siggins


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