Billy & Me by Giovanna Fletcher- Review

Rating: 5/5!!

From the first chapter of this book I started to love it like no other book I’ve ever read.
The twists and turns of when she meets Billy and how their relationship goes from different highs to some suspended lows. To how you see Sophie May change has a person only for the better.
When I started the book I was left with a nagging feeling of what happened to her Dad and I was so happy when it finally got to the part about what happened, but was so heartbroken to read it as a lot of the book can be SO relatable to girls out there, ok maybe they don’t meet a dashing superstar like Billy Buskin but from having their lives flipped upside down from such tragic events and tragedy, watching as Sophie May goes through the loss of her father and towards the end of the book the one woman in her life that helped her majorly come out of her shell and becoming the amazing woman she is at the end of the book is SO inspiring to other girls out there who struggle with their own depression and anxieties.
I love the book from cover to cover and I can’t wait to read the sequel that’s on my shelf.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!

Published by Holly Siggins


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