Finding Dory Review

Hi Guys! I thought I’d do my next review on the movie Finding Dory!

I watched this a couple of weeks back online and thought it was absolutely brilliant.

The film starts as Flashbacks of Dory as a kid, and while she is at the school with Nemo she sees a rip current, that suddenly brings back memories for her as a kid and she realises then she lost her mum and dad. She then gets really sad as she realises she misses her parents and set’s off on a mad adventure to find them.

I thought the whole story line of this film is brilliant and I couldn’t help but watch the little snippets of baby Dory over and over again, as she was really cute when she was little.

As the story goes on, Dory starts to see things that bring back more and more of her memories as a child, for instance she see’s shells are remembers her mum loved shells especially the purple ones.

The story is so heartwarming ad can have you on the edge of your seat sometimes, just as much as the first one did, if not more. The animation is also much better than the first even thought the first films animation was excellent as well.
I really love this films and recommend it to anyone who loves slight tear jerking movies, animations and Sisney films, or anyone and everything who loves Nemo, Dory and Marlin’s crazy adventures.

Not to mention I could listen to Ellen DeGeneres all day long as she cracks me up, she’s a fantastic woman and I don’t think anyone better could have been picked for the part

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