Beauty Life Changers

Beauty Life Changers

Nov 12, 2016, 7:08:58 PM Life and Styles

My beauty life changers!

I was breaking out very bad the first few months of the year. I still do have breakouts now but a little less than that time. During those times, I stopped every single product that I used. I became very picky with the products I was going to try because my skin has gotten more sensitive and I wouldn’t want to worsen my skin’s condition. Given a sensitive skin that might overreact with products anytime, my sister challenged me to use natural ingredients than just any other products. I did some research and with the permission of my dermatologist I did try them out and the results were great.

These may not be new to anyone who has knowledge in skincare but these have changed my beauty life and have successfully amped up my skincare game.


Apple Cider Vinegar

                Apple cider vinegar is a much known treatment to almost anything, from flu to skin problems. It has proven its effectivity in removing dark spots, brighten skin and treat acne. I also have proven its effectivity. Apple cider vinegar have helped me treat my previous breakouts. I hate the smell though but I it is worth it. My dark spots and the hyperpigmentation have lessened as well.

                What I do: With 3 cups of a natural, unfiltered and undistilled ACV, dilute with water of up to thrice the amount of ACV. Dab a cotton with some diluted ACV and apply unto the face, then I wash my face with warm water. I do this before my third cleansing step. I’m pretty sensitive with the smell so I just do this every other day before then up twice a week recently.


Rice Water

                Rice water is known to be Japanese women’s beauty secret and considered as Asian women’s miracle water for the skin. Rice water can brighten your complexion, can make your skin tighter and firmer, and can reduce your pore size. I have proven the brightening effect of rice water. It has also helped soothe my irritated skin and reduced inflammation cause by the breakouts before.

                What I do: I first rinse the rice with water. Soak rice with water for about 15-30 minutes, you may knead it lightly. When the color has turned cloudy after such time, boil the water (I do this just to get rid of the extra dirt but not too much so as not to get rid of the starch) and strain the water. Place the strained water in a glass bottle and place it in the refrigerator to cool it down.

                I used rice water as a cleanser, toner and acne treatment every day for the first half of the year but now, I incorporate this along with other products already. I usually soak at least 3 cotton pads with rice water and place them on my face, one of both cheeks and on the forehead. I sometimes use the water to wash my face during cleansing as well.


Ice/ Ice cubes

                Ice is known to have anti-inflammatory effects and improves blood circulation. It helps minimize open pores, reduce swelling of acne and lessen the production of sebum. Indeed, it does lessen pore size and reduces the swelling of acne.

                What I do: Before going to sleep, after cleansing but before the other steps of my skincare routine, I do an ice therapy for my face. I place and wrap 2-3 ice cubes on a clean cloth and massage it on my face. I press it on a pimple whenever I do have one. I love the feeling after this, it just makes me feel refreshed. The pimple reduces in size once I wake up the morning after as well. I do this every other day or at least 3 times a week.

I’m thankful to have tried such natural ways because these have proven their effectivity without further harming my skin, thus making my beauty and skincare life better.




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