Dream Vanity

Dream Vanity

Presenting to you my dream vanity!

As a makeup junkie and skincare enthusiast, a vanity is a haven. I have a pretty simple vanity right now with limited storage but would love to eventually grow it later on. Having said that my vanity is my haven, I’m going to present to you my dream vanity.

First of all, it will be inside my dream walk-in closet. As you go inside, you will be welcomed by a modern but sophisticated chandelier.

As you go to my vanity area, you will notice that it would be of crisp and clean white theme with hints of sky blue. You will see a wide Hollywood mirror with pretty lights around it. I have always dreamed of having a huge Hollywood mirror. There will also be two round LED makeup mirrors on each side just like the photo below but there would be two in mine.

The makeup table would have a glass table top so I could easily see what I would need. Plus some more storage for those makeup that I have currently been obsessing on or are currently using.

On each side of my makeup table would be more storage for my makeup collection, because a girl can never have too much makeup. For sure, I would get a little OC when it comes to my makeup arrangement. It will be categorized from foundations, to eye makeup and to the lip products.

I should be comfortable whenever I’m in my vanity since it would be one place where I could relax and do my thing. 

On top of my makeup table, there would lay my most abused makeup products as of the moment and my brushes in clear rotating holders with covers because I don’t want any dust laying on my brushes.

Scented candles and indoor plants or flowers would be lovely as decorations for my vanity as well. I can’t wait to build this dream vanity of mine. What’s your dream vanity?


(The photos used aren’t mine. Rightful credits to all the owners of each of the photos used.)



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