I Am an Acorn

Once upon a time there was a mighty Oak tree.  Its branches were expansive and its height was unrivaled.  This mighty Oak was old, wise, true, and good.

Beneath the old Oak’s umbrella was a field of acorns, created by this Mother Oak and protected by her presence.  Each acorn seed was perfectly whole and complete, with the potential to become as the mighty Mother Oak; tall, wise, true, and good.

Within each seed there existed the whole of the mother Oak’s nature … each seed was a “copy” of that mighty mother Oak, with the perfect ability to become as its creator; a mighty tree with the role of beautifully existing and helping to create an ever expanding forest.

One acorn, in particular, was just waking up to its existence.  It had been part of the mother tree, and had just newly dropped onto the ground beneath the mother’s branches.  This new perspective allowed the seed the opportunity to grow and to rise up to its potential, to become as the mighty oak; tall, broad, beautiful and expanding.

But as the seed transitioned into its new perspective, it forgot that it fell from the mighty oak and it began to see its position on the  ground, alone, as its true nature.  The seed imagined and made a whole world around its perceived separate identity and began to think solely within that perspective.

It became comfortable as a little acorn seed.  The little acorn felt certain of its spot … that it was just this, and it began to find joy in the life of a seed.  It also struggled and felt like being a lone acorn seed was hard.  It had no one to give it shelter or guidance and it felt so far from anything else except its singleness and separateness.  It had to worry about being eaten by the birds and squirrels, it had to worry and struggle in the always shifting weather, and it had an ever increasing discomfort over its short life span as the seed.

This little acorn imagined that its identity as the seed was its only role.  It had become comfortable and familiar as this, and it accepted its existence and the fact that there would be an end and that this was the “circle of life”.

The seed never imagined that an ending in one spot is always a beginning in a new brighter spot.

The seed never imagined of the potential that existed within it.  It didn’t see where it came from, it didn’t see the mighty Mother Oak watching over it, it didn’t see that it was MEANT to become as its mother … a mighty oak tree with the ability to create new acorns and new growth.  It only saw from its immediate perspective, and it was limited because of it.

Over time, the little acorn seed lived and soon changes within it began to happen.  The little seed was scared!  Nothing like this had happened to it before and it felt uncomfortable.  This little acorn didn’t want to die, it wanted to remain.  It desired to be the seed that it knew it was and it felt uncertain and fearful over the potential for anything other than what it was familiar with.  It fought and clung to its shell in an effort to remain the same, not understanding that what was trying to burst forth and sprout from it was its true potential … the tree it was meant to become.

As the little acorn feared and fought and clung to its shell, the Mother Oak looked on and understood.  She knew though, that once the little acorn sprouted and came up into the sunlight, it would see with an entirely new perspective and it would understand and it would be relieved to be the seedling instead of just the seed.

So she watched on and protected that little acorn seed and all of its brothers and sisters.

As the acorn came undone, it imagined itself dying.  It didn’t want to die, it liked being the seed that it was, but it understood that this is the way and had seen it happen before.  It was certain that all things die after all.

It didn’t see that it lived in an eternal and magical forest.

It didn’t know that it was the offspring of the mighty Mother Oak.

It didn’t understand that its perception of separation was what was causing all of the worry and struggle and turmoil.

It just imagined that its existence was coming undone, and it was scared.

As the inside of the little acorn seed sprouted, the acorn prepared for the worst.  What happened though, came very unexpectedly.  As the acorn’s shell began to burst open, the sprout that came from within felt like NEW LIFE!

The acorn hadn’t imagined that!!

It felt like living, and it could see light that it hadn’t noticed before.  The clarity in this new sprout was relieving … almost like the little acorn felt it was stretching for the first time after being shoved into its tiny shell.

All of a sudden the little acorn wasn’t the little acorn anymore.

It was something greater, with bigger potential.

It was free of its “shell prison” and was finally what it was MEANT to be all along!

The new seedling understood now that it was part of the mighty Mother Oak and as such its TRUE potential was to become like that beautiful tree.

The seedling was joyful in this new perspective.

The seedling was relieved that this was truth instead of the way it had imagined.

The seedling felt alive and had this intense desire to become a mighty Oak tree like its mother.

In this new perspective the seedling grew and progressed in height, wisdom, truth, and goodness

This seedling became a mighty Oak tree, with branches ever expanding and beautiful. It became a creator of new life and new growth; new little acorns that it watched over with love and joy, understanding that the new life had the potential and WOULD become as the Mighty Oak.

The Mighty Oak was joyful in its creation.

The forest was beautiful and whole with each Mighty Oak existing within it.

The magic that existed there was ever expanding.

It was truly a sight to behold.

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