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I am one of those people always striving to be more open and to allow expansion to enter into my energetic “space” and grow me. One of the things I have been focusing on lately is how I respond to the world around me.

There are moments that I feel frustration bubble up, or I want to be angry or impatient. In those moments I don’t get mad at myself for being human, but I do desire to respond in a more loving way to the circumstances that present themselves to me.

And so, I’ve started asking myself, “What would LOVE do?” And in that question I open the energy of love to come in and show me what love would do.

I do believe the world needs MORE love, and so I desire to put more love into the world. I cannot change the massive problems that exist in the world today, but I can fill the world with what it’s absent of, which will allow healing to be more readily available.

What would love do? Ask yourself this every time you feel a desire to react in anger, frustration, impatience, and unkindness. I don’t believe any of us TRY to be thoughtless, I think we’re just so used to reacting without thinking. It’s familiar habits of thought that tend to lead in our lives. And that’s good news! That means we can alter how we respond and lead with love instead.

I am not in position to tell you what to do because I’m so perfect. I am not. I need to tell myself this more than anyone else probably. My goal, is to allow love to lead in my life MORE OFTEN than not. And I do believe it’s possible.

When I have a moment of frustration, I had one this morning actually, I pause, take a deep breath, and ask myself, “what would love do here?” And then I wait for love to show me the way.

When my son is not transitioning from home to school very well and it would be super easy for me to be impatient with his transition and to shove him into his line and allow him to cry it out and work it out on his own … I can stop, see that he’s struggling, and ask myself what Love would do in this circumstance.

Today, Love told me that he needed extra support, he needed a quiet space to wrap his energy around the new environment, and he needed me to just quietly sit with him for a few moments to allow him the space to do that.

And so I did. I walked him to a little corner where he could sit and quietly cry without onlookers. I held his hand. I took deep breaths to show him how to calm his body and mind. And I told him it was ok to be upset, it was ok to need a little extra time. And then I was very patient and didn’t worry about how long it was taking.

Now, was this a magic cure? No. He still struggled. He still needed his teacher to take his hand when it was time to go to class. But it was the best response to the situation. It wouldn’t have helped anyone for me to be impatient with him. It wouldn’t have helped for me to be frustrated it was taking longer than I wanted. I didn’t need to also struggle. I could be love in that moment and be a clear energy for my son, who was struggling. I could hold the space of clarity and know that that clarity would be a positive influence on him in his moment of distress.

In every moment there is a response that is more loving, more patient, more kind, more thoughtful, easier, lighter, and more full of peace. There is every time.

It’s not bad and “wrong” to react and maybe be less loving than we desire. We’re human. Life is challenging. In every moment though, there is an energetic place that allows more love and peace. In that “place” is the ease that we are all seeking.

I don’t have to get angry, I can be loving instead. I don’t have to be frustrated, I can be patient. I don’t have to react with the first thing that bubbles up out of me, I can pause for a moment and CHOOSE how I desire to respond to the situation in front of me. And  because I can choose, I can allow more love and peace if I want. If I desire more peace in my life it would only follow that to respond more often to life’s circumstances in peace would allow that energy to envelope me more fully.

Decide what you desire in your life and then look for ways to respond and embrace more fully that energy. It is ALWAYS your choice. And it is always easier when you practice pausing and taking a breath and being a CONSCIOUS chooser.

Today I will allow love to lead the way. And when I don’t know what that looks like? I will pause, and ASK love to show me. And if I don’t do that? Don’t listen? Don’t respond how I wish I would have? I will let love lead there too, and I will be kind and patient with myself. I am learning after all. I am doing the best I can.

Breathe in the energy of that which brings you peace. It will EXPAND within you as you allow it to lead in your life. Be the conscious chooser you were born to be and decide what looks like peace to you and promote that at every opportunity you’re able. It will change your life, and the lives of those around you, in beautiful ways.


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