Leveling Up

I am back! I didn’t intend to take this long of a break from writing here, but life … you know? It happens, and it gets crazy, especially with all the children. I’ve been busy and things have moved along!

I’ve noticed, through the “moving along” life does, that no matter what comes, eventually things even out again. When there are challenges, we learn from them and grow and “normalize” within the new expanded experience.

During the challenge, it’s sometimes chaotic, but it always becomes manageable again at some point. I used to think that was because the trial or challenge was over and things got back to “normal.” (I actually don’t even really believe in “normal” anymore.) I now believe it’s because we grow through the challenging times and we “rise” to the new level life has brought before us. We become MORE. We’ve LEVELED UP.

The cool thing about leveling up, is the new awareness, experience, and potential that comes in that expansion.

New doors open to me when I experience challenges and grow through them. New doors mean new potentials that were not seen before.

When I’m amidst the chaos, it may seem impossible. I may look around me and think, “How can I accomplish this? What am I going to do? I don’t see a way out of this.” But as we keep moving forward, with our eyes on the growth, we will begin to feel the energy of the expanding awareness and it will bring to our minds new thoughts, new ideas, and new potentials that we hadn’t seen before.

The challenging experiences in our lives serve us. They allow us to know more and see more, and in those we are able to become more of who we truly are.

When you’re struggling to get through the day, remind yourself that you’ve done hard things before and you’ve always come out stronger because of the challenges. And then continue forward even if it’s only a tiny baby step at a time. Keep. Moving. Forward. No. Matter. What.

Through the movement you gain insights that are kept from view when you try to control, or stop, or cling to fear, or stand still in the challenge. The act of continuing forward brings to you new sights and new views and new thoughts that expand your awareness and allow you to rise to the challenge that’s before you, and fully level up to your greatest potential.

It’s like walking on a path through a forest. If you stand still you’re continually only seeing one view, one perspective, one sight. When you keep walking, even if it’s hard, even if there are hills, even if there are rocks and trees in the way, the movement forward brings to you expanded perspective. And that will ALWAYS be helpful.

Challenges will always be here … without them we wouldn’t grow. And growth is essential to becoming more of who we truly are.

So, maybe it’s a little much to say to you to be grateful in the challenges. I know that it’s sometimes beyond what we’re capable of. So don’t that. Maybe just get THROUGH the challenge you’re facing with a slightly broader perspective, understanding that you WILL learn something from it, and it will GROW you. You don’t have to be grateful for it yet, if you can’t feel that energy … just know that it will help you somehow and then take another step forward.

You got this. You CAN do this. And eventually, you will be stronger. You will know more. You will expand your ability to do hard things. And when you see that expansion you WILL be grateful.


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