The Mom, The Butterfly

The Mom, The Butterfly

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Mother’s Day is on Sunday. I sort of believe it’s one of those “made up” holidays, and yet, it’s kind of nice to have a day to be honored. I sent cards to the mothers in my life. I wanted them to know they are thought of and loved. I personally really like cards. I don’t know if everyone else feels the same about them, but I’m not going to worry about that at all. I am going to go with “it’s the thought that counts” and trust our moms/grandmas know we honor them this day and ALL of the time. That’s the energy I’m projecting in love to them!!

One of the things I love about being a mom is the limitlessly growing LOVE. It’s amazing how expansive it is and how all encompassing it can be at times. There is never a shortage, especially with kids … they give and they give FREELY. It’s beautiful.

In honor of that love I know my family has for me, my husband and kids always give me a gift for Mother’s Day. Of course I have no expectation, and honestly that cliché thing to say about just having the day around those I love is totally true, but it IS nice to be thought about.

Last year I received BEAUTIFUL hanging baskets with flowers and the WHOLE summer hummingbirds would come and hang out at my office window. It was perfection.

This year I told my husband I want a new tattoo for Mother’s Day. (Actually I asked him if he’d be “cool” with doing that instead of something else. Of course he was.)  So tomorrow I go to the tattoo place to do that.

I’m getting a blue butterfly. I’ve had this little “thing” with the universe and butterflies. It’s been one of those “this is for you!” messages every time I see one. I always feel a sense of wonder and awe at the gentle energy a butterfly, quietly coming into my space, brings.

I’ve been thinking about getting one as a tattoo for quite a while. My other tattoos all have symbolic meaning for me, and each one was done at a specific time in my “progression.” This one is the same.

Butterflies have MANY symbolic meanings in general. The message they have brought me is one of utter transformation and “unfurling” beauty and glory. There is something magical about the transformation caterpillars go into and what they become. It’s been a fitting symbol for my life, as I also see that kind of transformational energy in my own experience.

And so I look at this Mother’s Day with excitement, joy, love, and the knowledge that I am gently and infinitely expanding into lovelier and brighter energy each day. I am ALWAYS looking forward at who I desire to be. And that looking forward propels me into that ever increasing energy.

I AM a butterfly. An unfurling being of light. And I am just beginning to see what it feels like to fly … what an amazing adventure!


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