Why I'm the Mean Mom

“You’re not nice” … this is my 4 year old’s response to me as I told her she could not have candy for breakfast 2 minutes ago.

I love to be nice, I love for my kids to be happy, and I want them to feel loved and valued. However, as the mom of said 4 year old, I am responsible for helping my child grow and learn to make healthy choices. If I give her candy for breakfast so she’ll think I’m nice, I’m not teaching her the lessons I want her to know.

I want her to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. I want her to grow into a healthy atmosphere … and CHOOSING the healthy way because it’s better. I want her to understand that some things might look good on the outside, but they don’t bear “good fruit” … like candy for breakfast. In a pinch, it fills your stomach and you seem fine, but long term, it’s not good for you.

There are so many things in life like this. They appear to be fine, on the surface, and so we continue to do them, but long term do they bear good fruit?

I look at the trend in television. Television shows have become more violent, more “racy”, more full of arguing, and fighting, they most frequently show the “extremes” of the world … crime, sex, drugs, violence, irresponsible behaviors … there are SO many shows that are entertaining, but are filling our minds with things that are negative.

Do you realize that when you watch tv or a movie, it doesn’t matter that it’s not happening TO you specifically, your energy takes on whatever emotion you’re feeling. If you are terrified because you’re watching a horror movie … that fear energy is your atmosphere and your body responds to that.

What do you think, long term, the consequences of this are? I don’t think it could bear good fruit, over time, to continually be in a space of fear, anger, frustration, judgement, etc. And when we watch these shows and put our energy in those places, we BECOME that energy for that time.

If I watch a horror movie, for those 2 hours I’m terrified. My heart rate spikes, I’m tense, I feel nervous, I grip my seat tightly … etc. Literally my “vibration” takes on the frequency of whatever I subject my mind to.

Just think about it for a moment … and think about how our children are so inundated with violence on tv, in movies, in gaming … or any of the other things that we partake of “virtually.”

It’s like eating candy for breakfast everyday and then believing it has no negative effect.

As a parent I KNOW that there IS a negative consequence to eating candy all of the time. I understand that my 4 year old can’t see within that more “experienced” perspective that I have gained through living and learning, and so, because I want her to be healthy, I accept responsibility for her well being for now, and let her think I’m mean, so she will learn to be healthy. I am looking at the long term higher perspective in this … she can’t healthily survive on sugar. That’s just reality. And so I don’t let her put that garbage into her system too often.

There are many things in the world that are like garbage. And we partake of them not understanding that they have long term consequences that are not healthy. In the immediate moment it may seem harmless, but over time it is poison to our being, our energy. It is like damming a river’s flow and then thinking that it’s still flowing … when the trickle that exists is TINY compared to the flow that is meant to be.  

The freedom and “breathing” that exists when our energy is allowed to flow freely, with the abundant flow we’re MEANT to have … is peace. It’s healthy and our true nature. We are MEANT to partake of free flowing energy and to have it be HEALTHY and REPLENISHING … like eating healthy foods freely allows our bodies to function in the most true potential they have … subjecting our overall energy to beauty, love, gratitude, and joy allows our being to function in its most true potential.

So ... aim at flowing freely. Look at the things in your life that you partake of regularly and see what long term consequences they may have … if they’re good?  Awesome, keep them! If they’re not good, think about getting rid of them. And there may be some things you just don’t know about … the only way to know is to look at your life and see what your overall “condition” is … are you happy? Do you feel healthy? Are you angry and frustrated frequently? Do you live in fear of what will happen or in regret of what DID happen?

If you are in a place that you love and you are happy with your life, that’s amazing and awesome and you should definitely keep doing what you’re doing.

If you’re not, CHANGE! Challenge some of the things that you subject your energy to and then see if removing them brings good fruit.

Ultimately you get to choose your life … ultimately your energy brings the experiences you have through where your vibration is … so it’s up to you if you want that to be “candy for breakfast” or something healthier.

You get to choose. I know, from my own personal experience, that removing some of the less healthy influences in my life has made a miraculous impact. It has changed EVERYTHING and I see that where my thoughts are continually leads to what I experience in life. And so I have chosen to consciously create the beautiful life I desire through focusing on the light and “healthy” things around me.

I love life.  It is fruitful and fun and fulfilling. Are there things that are not awesome still? Of course there are, but I don’t choose to make those my focus. I accept that they’re there, allow them to be and then look at the things I DO have that fill me with gratitude.

It’s all perspective.  And today I choose to say “NO CANDY FOR BREAKFAST” knowing that it will bear healthy results and ultimately be the best most free flowing decision for the moment. And I really only have now anyway …. so I might as well make my now the BEST now it can be.

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