You Know Who You Are

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.” – Eckhart Tolle

And this, my dear friends, is everything. Peace comes in the remembering of who you are. It comes because you have expanded your awareness of the nature of your being. And when you become aware of that natural state, you will realize that you don’t have to “become” anything greater, you don’t have to BE something other, you do not need to change who you are.

Who you are, is NATURAL to your being. Who you are, is the energy which desires to express through you. Who you are, is the truest most authentic expression of you … it’s not who you think you must be because you’ve been taught to be this way or that … it is the deepest most CORE energy of your being.

When you’ve stripped away every veil, every mask, every piece that ISN’T you, what is left is the clearest and loveliest energy that IS you. And you are not trying to be something other, something greater, something more … you are REMEMBERING who you are already! That nature of your soul is within the cells of your body and that is intrinsic to your very essence. You don’t have to find some way of being what some person or thing outside of you thinks you should be. You only need to look within and remember who you already are.

So … do I love understanding who I AM? Does it set me free to know that what expresses through me is divine?

Yes. I am free because I know who I am. I am free because I see more clearly than I ever have and I know that clarity EXPANDS, and that means the very nature of my being is continually remembered, reborn, and reemerged. Infinitely. Endlessly. Limitlessly.

There is nothing greater than feeling this truth. It is true peace, and it is beyond circumstance and available to you every moment if you so choose to see it.

Breathe. Be still for just a moment and connect to the space WITHIN you that is ever present. It’s not outside of you. It’s not other than you. It’s not separate from you. IT IS YOU. When you find that energy, you will feel a presence that is sort of like coming “home” and it will bring peace to your heart.

The peace tells you that you’ve connected. The peace reminds you what it feels like to align to the CORE of your being, your soul, your essence, your energy, your spark. It cannot be taken away. It cannot be altered. It is unchangeable. And it is eternal.

It is simply YOU, being you. And when you're in that space you will understand what it means to shine your light and you will feel the peace EXPAND and it will be a continual reemergence with "home."

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? Look within and you will see.


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