How should a tomboy dress?

How should a tomboy dress?

If you're a girl who prefers to keep things simple rather than go all out with hot pinks and tons of makeup, the tomboy look might be for you. This article delves into the specifics of the tomboy look's clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Make the most of the boys' section. If you want to dress like a tomboy, you should start with the basics. Peruse the racks in the boys area of your favorite stores. Graphic tees and frayed shirts are popular choices. The garments will most certainly be a little baggy on you, but that's not a negative thing. Choose items that appeal to you and try them on. You can always try to change them if they are very large.

Reebok, Hot Topic, and Tillys are some other amazing stores with unisex selections. Look for clothing that both girls and boys can wear. While you don't have to completely abandon skirts, tomboys are identified by their refusal to wear skirts or dresses. Instead, put on a pair of boyish-looking, cool, comfortable jeans. 'Boyfriend' pants are sold in stores like Gap and are cut like boys' pants but are tailored to fit a girl's physique. For a girl who wants to dress like a tomboy, skinny skater pants, distressed or boot-cut jeans, and sports pants are all suitable possibilities. Tomboy clothing also includes black, opaque leggings.

Choose a few t-shirts. One of the most basic features of tomboy style is loose, comfortable t-shirts. [1] Boyish-colored cotton shirts (forest green, navy, grey, black, brown, maroon, etc.) are always handy to have on hand and go with almost any ensemble. Instead of small Daisy Duke shorts, opt for a pair of loose frayed jean shorts or a pair of longer shorts that reach just over your knees. Running around in shorts made of a stretchier or more athletic material (like board shorts) is a terrific idea.

You should also purchase some tees with a unique design. Tomboyish clothing includes shirts featuring band names, skater themes, and skulls (among other things). You can also browse for shirts that feature caustic or humorous graphics or words.

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