Eat. Sleep. Hibernate. Repeat

Eat. Sleep. Hibernate. Repeat

Dec 24, 2016, 4:42:32 AM Creative

What a life! Grizzly bears can go on hibernate for 5 to 7 months. Animal life seems so simple, all they do is find food, eat, sleep and repeat. Oh, and survive. I would give anything to live like that, a simple lone life. Just a simple life, with no responsible, no social life, no awkward meeting with aunts, no credit card bills, no jealousy, no standards, no nothing, just an instinct to survive.

When we were little, we lived animal life, with all the 'NO's that I mentioned. We were happy doing the things we like, we eat when we were hungry, we sleep whenever we wanted to, but we couldn't wait to grow up, without knowing what we were up to. And now, we work to eat, we work to get some peaceful sleep, we hibernated our deepest desires and repeat. After all, we are living yet another kind of animal life, but this time with no instinct to survive, we care no more about how we feel, yet we care what others might feel about us. What a life.


Published by Humaira Thasneem

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