How it feels when your heart is ripped out

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The worst kind of pain is when she knows a hundred ways to die but she chose to love him.  She knew he hates her, she knew he didn't want to live with her, she knew he is happy there, but she couldn't let go of him even after all the bullshit. She loves him even after he repeatedly said "I loved you but not anymore, since, at least not for the past year". The feeling when she heard that, could not be explained by words, could not be understand by anyone. Imagine, ripping her heart right from her chest through ribcage and flesh, and squeezing the heart as hard as anyone can, like it's gonna explode, leaving her heartless, unable to love. What remains in her is only an excruciating pain.

In short, in my language, uyira uruvi eduthutan.

She is tired of this never ending pain.

Here's the link to the speed paint video of this painting Painting Emotions: Ripped out Heart #Faces8

Published by Humaira Thasneem


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