Silent Cry of every Girl in Long Distance Relationship

The thought of losing him made her miss him so much, she wanted to be close with him. She couldn't go to him, neither could he. She lived miles away from him. For one last time, she wanted to hold his hand, hold his hand as tight as she possibly could. For one last time, she wanted to see him, without being able to blink her eyes. For one last time, she just wanted to hear his voice. She was on her knees, down to earth, on the verge of losing herself. Love, is a strange thing, it makes weakest person strong, and the strongest one weak. He was her kryptonite. She closed her eyes, tears ran down her cheeks, her thoughts were filled by him. He was coming to her from a far distance, wearing her favourite maroon shirt. He came near her, she had her lost her eyelids, she stared at his eyes. He held her hand, and finally, after a long time, she smiled, in her sleep.

Published by Humaira Thasneem


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