2021’s Top Mobile Marketing Tools & Tricks to Reach the Audience

2021’s Top Mobile Marketing Tools & Tricks to Reach the Audience

Jan 21, 2021, 3:35:33 PM Tech and Science

Today, more and more consumers are moving to mobile at a rate that shows no signs of slowing down. As per the Statista Analytics, the number of smartphones across the world that are in use crossed 1.4 billion in the year 2016 to 2021.

With the increasing number of people, who use mobile to connect with the business, it leaves no choice, but to boost efforts to market to these mobile consumers on the devices they are using. There are lots of small businesses, who found it difficult to keep up with constantly changing technology and

For many small businesses, it's difficult to keep up with constantly changing technology and the many different mobile devices in the marketplace, as each device and the mobile operating system has its own unique features to consider. As the New Year approaches, markets are planning their strategies for the campaigns in 2021.

With enormous tools, tips, and tricks, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right ones that can help businesses to reach the targeted audience. Here’s a list of top mobile marketing tools and tricks of 2021:

2021’s Top Mobile Marketing Tools and Tricks

Developing an “AppPlus” Strategy

It is true that mobile marketing considered the most important factor in the success of any marketing strategy. As per The Guardian, more than 91% of top brands have applications, but having an app is not enough to satisfy mobile consumers.

As per the recent survey by 3C Interactive reports, approximately 25% of applications end up abandoned after the first use. However, AppPlus strategy can help brands to keep their customers engaged.

Develop some extra capabilities for brand apps like mobile wallets, messaging, and an integrated loyalty program. Today, businesses are expanding the longevity of the app by developing an application, which does more than just deliver information about the brand and enable customers to browse product offerings.

Target New Device Owners for Holiday Marketing

A mobile marketing expert has recommended that you should take benefit of the varied new devices in the market after the holiday season. It is effective to target new Google Play and iOS registrations to specifically reach new device owners. If you have worked with enormous brands, you may have noticed that they feature messaging targeted directly to the new device owner.

Such offers comprise a free app download for a new iPhone, Holiday deals for your new smartphone or 20% off the first purchase made using a new iPad. As it is a Holiday marketing rule, an expert suggests giving audiences a sense of urgency and comprise a time-limited offer.

Location-based Marketing

When it comes to talking about location-based marketing, it is one of the most popular marketing tools for both businesses and consumers. Do you know that why location-based marketing popular?

It eradicates inappropriate ads by presenting the consumers with promotions based on the current location. Using geofencing, Wi-Fi, beacons, and Bluetooth, location-based marketing can be easily accomplished.

If you are stuck to choose your location to send customers promotions, you can think creatively. Rather than sending customers notifications when looking for a nearby store, you can send them promotions and offers when they are near locations in which the brand’s products or services can be used.

Evaluate your Readiness for Mobile Marketing

A mobile marketing expert says that before you invest in mobile marketing, you need to ask yourself that – Are you ready for mobile? However, there is no sense in driving consumers to your mobile brand – whether it is your website or mobile app – if you are not creating a great mobile experience for the consumers.

It is important for you to know that what you want from mobile and need to decide that what your objectives are for mobile marketing campaigns, comprising the key results you want to achieve.

Social Media Messaging

Messaging alternatives to text messages are rapidly becoming a preferred method of communication. Ad Week cities that 49% of mobile users in the U.S. make use of messaging apps monthly.

Facebook Messenger is the most recognized messaging app. Such messaging experience seamlessly integrates with already popular social media networks and enables users to send information back and forth swiftly over the internet as opposed to traditional text messaging. For such reasons, these apps are right for communication between brands and customers.

Take Benefit of Mobile Social Media

Make sure that you do not discount social media in your mobile marketing strategy, says a mobile marketing expert. At some point in time, more than two-thirds of Facebook users access the service through mobile, and more than one in six people make use of mobile phones to access Facebook. By complementing it with the actual time aspect of social media, you can boost your mobile marketing strategy.

So, these are the top mobile marketing tools and tricks of 2021, allowing you to reach your targeted audience. Today, a lot of mobile apps & custom software development firms rely on mobile marketing tools to reach their targeted audience.

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