A Ham & Cheese Look Alike Of Vin Diesel Exists!

A Ham & Cheese Look Alike Of Vin Diesel Exists!

Mar 31, 2017, 9:12:02 PM Life and Styles

How far would you go to prove that you’re a die-hard fan? Would you make a card, a poster, a scrapbook, a drawing, or would you resort to high-tech laser techniques to carve out a ham-and cheese sculpture like this Vin Diesel fan?

That’s right, and ardent (and super dedicated) Vin Diesel fan just took his love for sandwiches and the Fast & the Furious to a whole other edible level! In the video, which was uploaded on YouTube on Monday, Vlogger William Osman toasts two pieces of bread, carves ham and cheese using a laser cutter and arranges the slices in a manner that truly resembles Diesel. To add to the uncanny food replica, Osman even topped it with a head wear made of olive.

But before foraying into his super fan endeavor, Osman did his R& on all involved machinery and techniques with his collaborator John Willner. The two spent eight hours on the computer graphics program Autodesk Maya creating a virtual model of the sculpture and determining how to slice the cold cuts. Despite which, it took even longer to get the ham onto the laser, and then it took an hour and a half to slice and arrange everything.

Image: Taste (representational image)

Osman decided to take on this project in response to a follower’s suggestion to “sculpt a bust of Vin Diesel using laser cut cross sections of laser sliced ham,” he told Munchies. “I love viewer suggestions; they let me place all the blame on them when the idea is truly terrible.” But creating a sandwich replica of the actor is anything but a terrible idea!

Oh and, no, Osman does not intend on eating his ham and cheese masterpiece anytime soon. Not just because it is a tediously made work of art but because it tastes charred from all the laser cutting.


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