Cinnabon Takes Down Tribute To Carrie Fisher Following Major Twitter Flak

Cinnabon Takes Down Tribute To Carrie Fisher Following Major Twitter Flak

Dec 29, 2016, 12:41:49 AM Life and Styles

On Tuesday, Hollywood lost a star as the galaxy gained one. Star Wars’ Princess Leia, a.k.a. Carrie Fisher died yesterday following a heart attack last Friday night. The sudden demise of the iconic actress left everyone shocked, and as is 21st century ritual, fans took to social media to pay their tributes.

Cinnabon too joined the list of mourners as they tweeted a picture of the 60-year-old actress as a tribute to her. And while some took it as it was meant to be, few were rather offended by the picture that seemed to be part homage and part advert.

“RIP Carrie Fisher, you’ll always have the best buns in the galaxy,” the tweet read. Attached was a profile of Princess Leia, which Fisher’s most famous on-screen character, drawn out in ground cinnamon, with a Cinnabon bun in place of her trademark hair buns. Take a look:


Image: cnet

A bunch of Twitterattis were instantly up in arms and went on a rant the moment the tweet was posted, while some even defended it. The hoopla eventually led to Cinnabon taking down their “offensive” tweet, which was followed up by a public apology.

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-3-52-06-pmImage: cnet

 Fisher was always very outspoken and verbal about popular beauty standards, going on to reject her status as a sex symbol following her popular golden bikini-clad portrayal of Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.

“Appearances are treated like, you know, something; an accomplishment,” she told The Mirror last year. “Look, your parents had sex and they were both good-looking. Great for you.” The actress even said last year in a tweet, “Youth and beauty are not accomplishments, they’re the temporary happy biproducts of time and/or DNA.”


Image: Mirror UK

So maybe, just maybe, Cinnabon could have picked better words for framing their tribute. Or not. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Independent UK

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