Get Ready To Dine Like The ‘Gilmore Girls’ At A Luke’s Diner Pop-Up

Get Ready To Dine Like The ‘Gilmore Girls’ At A Luke’s Diner Pop-Up

Oct 7, 2016, 4:49:37 PM Life and Styles

As if the countdown to Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, which is releasing on November 25th, wasn’t enough, there is yet another GG buzz in town to drive us crazy with excitement! Yes, that is possible. A Luke’s Diner pop-up is probably being set up in your town! Yep. You read that right. Now stop screeching and read up.

Luke’s Diner, which is the show’s protagonists’ absolutely favorite hangout spot will be popping up across various cities in the United States on October 5th. Also, if you know anything about the shoe and Luke’s Diner, it is that the place serves up a mean cuppa Joe! It is as good as the host is scruffy. No, really. And that is exactly why you should block the date and visit the Diner this Wednesday.

The pop-up Diners will be giving away 12-ounce coffees for free – much to Luke’s dismay, of course – across all of the 250 locations. Additionally, each pop-up will also be provided with Luke’s Diner essentials such as aprons and T-shirts, for them GG feels.

The pop-ups will be open from 7am until 12pm, so you might as well just pull an all-nighter and be one of the first people in line, because the free give always are only while supplies last.

Excited yet? Click here to find out where all Netflix is setting up the Gilmore Girls pop-up diners.

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