‘Salt Bae’ Sprinkled Up A Steak Dinner For Leonardo DiCaprio!

‘Salt Bae’ Sprinkled Up A Steak Dinner For Leonardo DiCaprio!

Feb 4, 2017, 6:59:14 PM Life and Styles

Salt Bae, a.k.a., Nurset Gokce recently lapped quite a lot of social media attention, owing to his, err, suave-ish salt sprinkling skills. The Turkish chef was all over the Internet last month in a picture that showed off just how gracefully one can season a seared steak.

Days after his Internet fame, the popular chef, who owns a steakhouse in Dubai, Nusr-Et, has managed to garner all the social media eyeballs yet again. And yet again it is because of his seasoning skills. The Revenant actor Leonardo DiCaprio signed up to see Gokce’s talent in person and landed up at Nusr-Et for some live action. And a steak dinner.

Gokce posted a picture of himself seasoning a steak – with his famed elegance, of course – for DiCaprio as the latter just sat back and admired Salt Bae’s skills. Laugh as you may, Salt Bae cooked for Leonardo friggin’ DiCaprio!

In other news, Nurset Gokce will soon be opening doors to his restaurant in Manhattan, New York. The chef is gearing up to launch a branch of his mini-chain, Nusr-etin London and Midtown as well.

Featured Image: Hollywood Reporter

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