The Rock’s Trip To In-n-Out Was A Revelation!

The Rock’s Trip To In-n-Out Was A Revelation!

Feb 27, 2017, 5:29:54 PM Life and Styles

If you utter the words In-N-Out in a room full of Americans – especially West Coasters – you can expect a unanimous outpour of love for the brand followed by major mayhem to look for the nearest outlet. One person, however, who wouldn’t have been part of this mayhem up until this weekend, is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And not just because he’s a supremely well-behaved gentleman, but simply because he’d never been to an In-N-Out. Of course, that status has changed now.

So, the enormously gorgeous human specimen went almost five decades without sinking his hooks into an In-N-Out burger. But then, let us all not forget that this is also the man who skipped candies for almost 30 years! He ain’t the ‘The Rock’ for nothing!

Anywho, Dwayne Johnson shared deets of his first trip to an In-N-Out, which he made with his partner Lauren Hashian, and his teenaged daughter, Simone, via an Instagram post that read “I’ve never been to IN-N-OUT before (I know, what an asshole;), but when my lovely ladies @laurenhashianofficial & @simonegjohnson wanted late night grub, I happily obliged and pulled in the drive thru.” 

Not surprisingly, Johnson immediately fell for the fast food chain and went on to harp about the kind staff and great food, saying, “Seriously, the most excited and suuuuuper nice fans ever. Thanks Victor (manager pictured here) and staff for being so cool. You made my ladies very happy with the burgers, fries and shakes and that’s what it’s all about.” In fact, the actor went ahead and made an interesting announcement/promise and wrote, “If our Moana wins the Oscar this Sunday, I will return – in my tux and completely destroy multiple burgers and fries to celebrate. I’m talkin’ about takin’ cheat meal to another level.”

Now, we all know what The Rock means when he says ‘cheat meals’. Who knows this may be yet another world-record feather to his hat for eating a crazy amount of In-N-Out burgers! Dear critiques, please give Moana the award!

The Rock signed off with yet another sweet thank you, saying, “Thanks guys for being so cool. And for the free ketchup. #InNOut #NewestAndBiggestFan #Literally” Ooh! Look who just found themselves yet another celebrity fan!

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