This Patriots Day Protestor Tried To Pull A Kendall During The Protest!

This Patriots Day Protestor Tried To Pull A Kendall During The Protest!

Apr 27, 2017, 5:15:43 PM News

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, devoid of the Internet, you would be aware of the fiasco that was a recent Pepsi ad commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. The ad, which was released during the first week of April, shows Jenner taking matters in control and pacifying the cops by offering then a can of chilled Pepsi. Needless to say, the ad received massive amount of flax, and still is. To the extent that Pepsi had to pull down the video from their YouTube page.

But what’s an ad that doesn’t inspire viewers to buy/use the advertised product? True to the theme of the ad, a YouTuber by the name of Vito Gesualdi tried to pull a Kendall during a protest that he was a part of. Gesualdi shared a video on his YouTube channel of the protest going out of hands and a violent fight breaking out. In order to calm things down, Gesualdi did what every peace-loving person in their right mind would have. Offered a can of Pepsi to the rioters and the cops present at the location and called it the “Pepsi Challenge”.

While Gesualdi managed to make it out without a single scratch, the soda failed to do as promised in the ad, that is, stop the violence and establish peace and happiness. Find out exactly what happened when the YouTuber tried to “bridge the divide and save our great nation” below!

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