Trump’s Victory Cake Is Scarier Than The Election Results!

Trump’s Victory Cake Is Scarier Than The Election Results!

Nov 11, 2016, 4:41:49 PM News

While the people of USA casted their votes for a “Greater America”, New York-based Trump Towers sat surrounded by sand –filled trucks for protection. But the one thing – apart from the unforeseen victory – that floated through the solid barricades was a horrid cake shaped in the form of Donald Trump’s head.

The cake – if that’s what it actually was – was wheeled in on a yellow stroller and turned quite a few heads. Much like the inspiration behind it. Here’s why:

A Donald Trump cake being wheeled into Trump Tower @abc #ElectionDay

— Jason Volack (@jasonvolack) November 8, 2016

Now you know.

If there were a more expressive version of Donald Trump, this victory cake would be it. If Donald Trump ever heard a word of what he says, this is how he’d look. If Trump realized that a million dollars is not a small loan, this would be his ‘moment of realization’ face. If you ever caught Trump staring at a broken wall, this is how he’d look.

If you ate the victory cake, you’d get IQ cancer (let’s be real though, there are more chances of this cake eating YOU!). If this cake came to life, it’ll sucker punch its own real life doppelganger. You get the drift.

trump-fox-998x624Image: liberalsociety 

And for all we know, this victory cake could very easily be every American’s face for the next four years.

And although, this terrifying piece of baking will leave us sleepless for nights to come, we have to give some credits to the baker for getting that orange right.

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