4 Reasons To Wake Up Earlier Than Your Family

4 Reasons To Wake Up Earlier Than Your Family

Are you in the habit of sleeping until the last minute, only getting out of bed when your responsibilities demand it? Do you feel groggy, rushed, or frazzled in the mornings? Part of the reason may be a lack of buffer time built into your routine.

I have struggled my whole life with being an early riser. The only reason I even get up early now is because having a 7-month-old has been a catalyst. And I go straight to the coffee pot every morning!

That being said, I’ve learned that the occasions I’m able to get up earlier than my family are well worth losing an extra 30 minutes of sleep. That buffer time is slowly becoming an essential part of my day. Especially because those mornings don’t consist of me being startled out of a deep sleep by a crying baby.

Want to start your days with less stress and more productivity? Wake up earlier than your family! It doesn’t have to be an hour–although the earlier, the better. Commit to waking up just 30, 20 or even 15 minutes earlier than the rest of your household. Here are four reasons this will make your mornings easier.


One of the most unproductive feelings a SAHM can have is finding herself still in her pajamas when the clock strikes noon. Ladies, I’ve been there so many times and I really don’t want to go back. Having some buffer time for yourself in the morning can work wonders. I love taking a few minutes each morning to put on an outfit I like and slipping on my house shoes, which have made all the difference in my productivity. (I talk about the importance of house shoes here.) I wash my face and put on a little foundation and blush to make me feel done up enough so I don’t cringe when I walk by a mirror.
Don’t start your day feeling frumpy! Take a few minutes to invest in yourself and feel good about who you are. Put on an outfit you feel good in. Wash your face to get rid of that oily feeling and put on a thin layer of makeup. Just doing this little bit will make you feel ready to get things done. If you roll out of bed just to answer the call of duty, before you know it it will be nearing lunch time and you will feel behind and unmotivated.

You can always finish your makeup before you leave the house or pick out another outfit, but don’t start your morning running around in your pajamas hoping someone doesn’t ring the doorbell. You owe it to yourself to feel good and feel beautiful!


There’s no worse way to start your day than feeling rushed and like you are running on empty before you’ve even gotten started. Rising earlier than your family gives you a chance to catch your breath before the bustle of motherhood takes over.
I especially enjoy being able to do my Bible study or quiet time while the sun is still peeking over the trees. I’m sure you all know exactly what I’m talking about when I say if I don’t make my quiet time the first thing it tends to not happen that day, let alone any other moments to myself.

I also enjoy having my first cup of coffee while I sit in silence with my war book and my Bible. Whether you practice a quiet time or not, this practice of silence and solitude is essential for clearing your mind and preparing for the day ahead. You will never regret having started your day in peace.


If you don’t have goals, sister, you really need to get some. And once you do, the best thing you can do for them is to sit down every morning and review where you’ve come from, where you are, and where you’re going. Having goals can keep you from the regret of years gone by with no fruit to show for them.
Reviewing your goals first thing is a great exercise because it keeps them at the forefront of your mind. If you wait until later in the day you may not have the energy to work them or other to do list items may get in the way.


What are you really wanting to do for yourself that you can’t seem to find time for? Maybe it’s a yoga routine or some strength training. Maybe you really want ten minutes to work on your latest knitting project. Maybe you want to learn a new language or even just take time to paint your nails. I enjoy taking a few minutes to work on my bullet journal, read a novel, or browsing Pinterest while I listen to a podcast.
As moms it can be difficult to justify fun time for ourselves when the housework never ends and the kids need us almost every moment they’re awake. Whatever gets you excited, make time for it in the morning! This will motivate you get out of bed when the alarm goes off earlier than you’d like it to. Remind yourself that you work hard to take care of your family and you deserve a little time to enjoy something you like to do. Adding that activity to your morning will inspire you and make you feel ready to face the day’s work!

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