Building Your SAHM Uniform: The Weekender, Pt. I

Building Your SAHM Uniform: The Weekender, Pt. I

TGIF! Speaking of the weekend, today I’m talking about building your SAHM uniform for moms with more of a weekender style. Of course, being a SAHM tends to automatically mean that your wardrobe errs on the casual side (if not entirely made up of jeans and leggings!!)… it’s not like we really have many places to wear a blazer or a sheath dress! But casual is not what I’m talking about here. When I say “weekender” I’m referring to someone with a more casual style in general as opposed to someone who dons girly dresses on the regular or prefers a button down to a tee shirt day-to-day.

So what is a “SAHM uniform” and what is the purpose of building one? In fashion, a “uniform” is a collection of pieces you wear normally, an outfit or set of outfits which you rely on as your go-to, something basic. You wear this uniform 24/7 and add or subtract accessories as necessary! This can really save time and stress when it comes to getting dressed. One reason I feel like we moms often resort to whatever we can throw on is because we are pressed for time when it comes to personal style. If you can nail down the basics, changing it up a bit for different occasions is a snap!

As a SAHM it’s so important to get dressed every day and wear things that make you feel good instead of loafing around in sweatpants, which can really kill your motivation. As a mom of a 5-month-old, my style in this season of life really reflects this weekender look. It’s casual but still polished enough to keep me feeling motivated. If you are one of those moms, consider building a SAHM uniform like this!

Your Basic Pieces

-A basic tee (or multiple tees in different colors)
-A sturdy pair of leggings
-A middle of the road jacket (not too structured, not too slouchy)
Your Everyday Uniform
-A scarf
-A statement piece of jewelry
-A casual shoe
SAHM Uniform (Weekender) #1

The every day uniform look I created here includes a floral scarf, a bold watch, and a pair of black ballet flats. This look can be so versatile and change depending on the season. You could experiment with different scarves or leave the scarf out altogether in the summer. You could also change up the shoes: flats, riding boot, combat boots, huaraches, strappy sandals, simple sneakers, etc. You could also opt for a statement necklace instead of a bold watch or add bracelets.

You would probably wear this look for your daily activities: shuttling the kids around, running errands, meeting the girls for lunch, etc.

Dressing It Down
To dress this look down, you could leave out the jacket and scarf or you could add a denim jacket like I have here or even a cardigan. I added some simple jewelry here to replace the more formal look of a watch. Again, you could change the shoes depending on the season.

Reasons you may want to dress this outfit down: working around the house, taking the kids to the park, or for the weekend!

SAHM Uniform Casual (Weekender) #2Dressing It Up

To dress this look down I replaced the basic tee with a top with a little shimmer. I also replaced the watch with a pair of dangly gold earrings. You could always pile on the jewelry –a statement necklace, bracelets, hoops–but my preference is to typically have one major piece to focus on. Assuming you are wearing a basic makeup palette every day, you could add a bold lip color like I did here or vary another aspect of your makeup. Finally, you could take the flat and make it a heel depending on how dressy you want to make it!

Reasons you may want to dress it up: date night with your husband, PTA or other type of meeting, or attending a recital or other dressier event!

SAHM Uniform Dressy (Weekender) #3
Here are a few other pieces you could experiment with:img_5467
Stay tuned next Friday for another SAHM uniform post for the weekender ladies!
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