Building Your SAHM Uniform: The Weekender, Pt. II

Building Your SAHM Uniform: The Weekender, Pt. II

Welcome to part two of Building Your SAHM Uniform for the weekenders! You can read last week’s post here where I introduce how to build your “uniform” and give an initial example of what that might look like. Last week the look was centered around leggings for girls who are super casual and comfy; today, I want to jump right in to another idea for a casual-style uniform.

Your Basic Pieces
-Cargo pants
-A slouchy sweater
-A denim jacket

Your Everyday Uniform
-A simple pair of earrings
-A sturdy backpack
-A neutral pair of wedges

SAHM Uniform (Weekender) #4
For a second weekender example, I put together a fairly neutral set including a pair of nude wedges and a denim jacket (denim is considered a neutral!) making this outfit very versatile. If leggings are for the mom who sticks closer to home, this uniform better suits the mom on the go. You could easily replace the cargos with a pair of corduroys for colder weather (or jeans, of course) and a thicker or thinner sweater depending. If you are not the type to run around in wedges you could also downgrade to a sharp pair of sneakers. Lastly, you could keep the denim jacket or swap it for something more your taste i.e. a military jacket or a deconstructed leather jacket.

Dressing It Down
To dress this look down, subtract a little of the seriousness of a sweater by replacing it with a plaid button down. You can opt for the sneakers in this case as well or a pair of flip-flops. The backpack is just the right color and style to work for your everyday look or a dressed down look. You could keep the denim jacket or leave it out! Also, you could experiment with some simple accessories here or leave them out to keep this look basic.

SAHM Uniform Casual (Weekender) #5

Dressing It Up
Cargos aren’t something you would immediately consider for a dressier look, but if you add a leather jacket and a few luxury accessories (including a leather oversized clutch) you are on your way to being ready for a night out when the opportunity arises. (Let’s be honest, how often does that happen for us moms!?) They key is to keep the wedges or even upgrade to a pair of strappy heels and wear an eye-catching pendant.

SAHM Uniform Dressy (Weekender) #6
Here are a few other pieces you may consider experimenting with: 
SAHM Uniform Pieces to Experiment with (Weekender) #2

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