10 Questions to choose right PEO or EOR Service Partner In India

10 Questions to choose right PEO or EOR Service Partner In India

Feb 3, 2022, 1:50:39 PM Business

It’s always important to “Ask the Right Question?

More so When you Hire Full-Time/GIG workers far away in India. Asking the right questions gives you the edge that you want to have over your business competition. When people are the key to a remote working situation, you can’t be missing any point that could have an impact on your team output. Here we compiled the top 10 questions to help you build and sustain growth in your business with Remote Teams.

The Long Standing Of PEO Service Provider is key for Sustainable Delivery. The number of years of successful business in India is Key.

Remember SERVICE is the key differentiator between one PEO provider to Others. The Service that would impact YOUR Business & Impact Worker satisfaction. Remember in India COST can be matched by anyone, but service only a few can deliver. We noticed in our journey some of our current key customers did not choose us for the first time, but when they returned in few months, they never left us for an average of 5 years now. We are more of a partner in their business.

Here you go the questions that you need to remember to ask before finalizing a PEO / EOR provider in India.

This is very important to bring people on board, the faster they are on-boarded, the more productivity. You should aim for a max of 24 hours to onboard. Anything 3-6 hours of business hours be just awesome. Faster Onboarding means fast the hours available for delivery.

A world away from you, it’s important that the worker is onboarded as quickly defines the productivity. Access to the HRCloud for onboarding is critical, Mobile-based access helps Workers to accept and upload the document for Onboarding. India HR is yet to catch up with the Technology hence this is important for the provider to have the edge for your productivity.

Having Access to the Employee Data, Files and all the transactions thereon is a very important aspect of knowing and having control of your data. Having the data points always helps you in control of your own resource working thousand of miles away from you. 

100% Statutory Compliance is the Key for Business Risk mitigation.

Having a great legacy of having to source the best resources helps you to expand without much effort. The provider must have an access to world-class hiring resources to get the best in the country. Remember India is a country not known to you and you need an expert to understand the nuances of Hiring the BEST. In remote work, the Right Resources are the Key to your progress.

Billing is key for PEO business in India. The more accurate and on time helps you to transfer the funds and hence the Employee/Worker is paid on time. A key factor of satisfaction. Any delays in billing back and forth would impact the Worker directly. You should have the schedule of the Billing, Payment to Workers, and also a clear Reconciliation of your money utilized each month.

Your PEO Provider Must be a Business Partner & Stragist to Help you Manage your Remote Workers.

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