What is the Best Substitute for LinkedIn Data Scraping?

What is the Best Substitute for LinkedIn Data Scraping?

When I began my career in sales & marketing, our VP, Sales had told me, “In marketing and sales, the assumption is the mother of all the sales.” Every viewpoint is different, so don’t speculate, use data for taking any decisions.

I joined 3i Data Scraping as well as we are working on the product, which helps people of sales. So, I thought why not discuss that with you.

Let’s understand how that idea came in the mind. At 3i Data Scraping, we get so many problems that customers need to solve. Nearly 30% of all inbound leads request us to assist them with the lead generation.

The majority of them just ask, “Can you extract LinkedIn data for me”?

And each time, we respectfully refused.

But not any longer, we have figured out one way of solving their problems without extracting LinkedIn data.

This will raise a few questions in mind:

1) Which Problem Does He Want to Solve?


The majority of times, the sales team does not get accurate data regarding the prospects. It results in total confusion. This will end up wasting time as well as money through selling leads, which are not qualified for sales.

2) Why Do They Want Data Particularly from LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is the biggest business network in the world. There is no superior place to get leads for the business than LinkedIn. This is the best way.

3) Then, What is Wrong in Extracting LinkedIn?

Extracting LinkedIn is against the terms as well as it could lead to legal problems. LinkedIn is having a brilliant anti-scraping mechanism that can make data extraction costlier.

4) How Acute is This Problem?


This problem has a straight impact on revenues because the sales productivity is very low. Without sufficient sales, the company is of no use!

5) Is There Any Way Out?


Yes, definitely. People having LinkedIn profiles are on other professional websites also like CrunchBase, Google Plus, etc. In case, we can scrape and correlate data, we can produce leads having rich information. This will get superior quality than extracting LinkedIn.

6) What to Do If the Machine Intelligence Flops?

We need to utilize human intelligence then.

3i Data Scraping is working well on the platform, which can assist you in getting leads, which match your perfect buyer persona. This will be a comprehensive Business intelligence platform empowered by human and machine intelligence for effective lead research and discovery. We’ve also made some partnerships, which will help in improving data as well as save the problem of claims.

3i Data Scraping provides affordable data scraping services (DaaS).

In case, you require any help for your data scraping projects then let us know and we will be happy to help!

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