Godbwye, I Love You

My experiences with goodbyes have been that of departures and endings, attached to emotions of bitterness and sadness.

What it truly means to say "goodbye" keeps coming up for me. Do we ever truly mean it when we say "goodbye"? What does "goodbye" mean, anyways? I don't like saying "goodbye," even when I know I will see you later on in the day/evening. (Actually, I need to apologize for that statement because I am actually not certain I will see you. I am taking life [and death] for granted — two constants in this time, dimension, and space that I respect and admire.)

I guess that's what is most unsettling. We cross paths, entering and departing each other's lives (what more than often feels like revolving doors) and all I have to say is "goodbye." That doesn't sit well with me. I want to tell you that "I love you," with tears in my eyes. I want to tell you what you mean to me. How you've impacted in my life. What you helped me realize about my self through your perspective, your understandings, your experiences. I want to tell you what I learned to take on for my self because of you. What you helped me to see or recognize in this life, space, moment in time.

I want to tell you that "I love you" and "I thank you." I want to shake your hand or hug you (or both) and tell you that "I appreciate you. I am grateful for you."

Let's dig to the root of "goodbye," its origin/etymology  (as resourced from the Online Etymology Dictionary): "salutation in parting, also goodbye, good byegood-by1590s, from godbwye (1570s), a contraction of God be with ye (late 14c.)"

I am always left astounded at how we contort words and meanings into a contextual frame that fits our own interpretation, our own understanding, our own experiences [in accordance with our own time and space]. It just goes to show how we limit our own capacity to learn and grow — how we limit our infiniteness because we settle into the limitations and confines posed by no one other than ourselves — collectively and individually.

God be with ye. This proclamation reminds me of the respectful greeting, Namasté — a recognition of the God within me and within you. God — the Way, Buddha, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, the Eternal, the Infinite.

Too often in our culture and society, we allow ourselves to become accustomed to the way things are because it's the way things have always been — settling into notions, concepts, and contexts that, without our awareness and realization of it, can disrupt our day-to-day way of living and being. But where is the truth in that? There is no particular way things have always been or should be.

We, You, I create our way.

We see its repercussions with something so simple as "goodbye," which has a reputation of finalizing something — relationship, event, experience, our past — symbolizing an ending, a point of no return. We are quick to put periods to people and things and experiences, instead of acknowledging that life is the sum of our experiences, which is in constant creation mode, an ellipsis...

How we've contextualized the word "goodbye" has no foundational truth, it is inaccurate. There is no such thing as "goodbye."

In using the term myselfI am quickly reminded that endings are only beginnings in disguise. The very moment I say "goodbye," I am reminded of that moment, person, relationship, experience, etc. either a moment later, a day, week, month... it comes back to me — as everything. Its return is inescapable. It is my response to its return that can alter my experience with it. My response to its return is what makes the return peaceful or turbulent.

Karma is associated with negativity, but karma is energy. Energy is what we are, what surrounds us, what we propel, what is propelled to us. Karma is, simply put, cause and effect. There is no negativity unless you create/cause negativity. There is no positivity unless you create/cause positivity.

When I read what "goodbye" truly meant, a sense of guilt was released because I never wanted to say goodbye to you in terms of finality. I never want to say goodbye to you because you are not final to me, you never were and you never will be. You are everlasting and timeless and infinite to me. I see you and experience you in everything I do, everywhere I go. I am who I am today because of you. Each and every one of you. The emotions triggered are not of your concern, those are mine to hold and release on my own timeless time. Have faith in me. I have faith in you. Recognize the Infinite in me because I recognize the Infinite in you, everywhere I go, in all that I do.

I do not want to settle into notions, concepts, and contexts, perpetuating words to flutter because of the ways we as a society have defined them, contorting the essence and truth of what is.

Words matter. How we use these words matter. Do not settle. Speak with caution and consideration of the flutters and reverberations you have the power to create. Create with intentions from the place that dwells within.

Question, research, expand and elevate your heart and mind to its potential — infinity. Dig to the heart and root of what matters: You.

The power to create has always been and will forever be, Yours.

I love you,

I thank you,

I appreciate you,

I am grateful for you,


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