The Present Day Enlightened Nonconformists

The Present Day Enlightened Nonconformists

Jun 25, 2016, 4:35:16 PM Life and Styles

Humans as a collective whole have the habitual tendency to underestimate their full capabilities. This pertains to our every department of being. We underestimate our ability to love, our ability to move forward, our ability to stick together in times of hardships. If we were to take a step back and TRULY compare how human beings have evolved from history to modern day… we can all agree that, as a fully conscious group, we have reached a level of empathy that has never before been granted. While yes, there will always be extremist beliefs and people who have traditional values that seem inhumane; this does not mean that our minds aren’t evolving into something bigger and greater. We are transforming and we have yet to take notice. There is a veil in the face of the human self. We are constantly being shown blood and gore and violence and corruption. All of these situations serve as a distraction because it is well known by whatever negative forces (human or not) that may linger that we are awakening our conscious. We are opening our hearts to acceptance, nurturing, and love from those who may have been considered different throughout generations. The only problem we currently face is the inability to see our constant progression as a group. Due to the fact that we are repetitively being bombarded with negativity day by day, it is difficult to realize that when we are faced with catastrophic situations, we stick together to fulfill one common goal.


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