Book review: Finding Audrey

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General Info

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Genre: YA fiction

My rating: 8.5/10

Does it have a sequel? No

Is it a fast read? Yes

Pages: 286


Audrey is a fourteen year old girl who has severe anxiety as a result of an unpleasant incident at school. Although she’s already in therapy, her recovery speeds up when she meets Linus. She now has someone to confide in and to help her push herself to get cured. Throughout this novel we see some of the ups and downs of Audrey and her family’s recovery.


This book was a very fast, one 2 hour sitting kind of read. Kinsella’s style of writing is very easy to read as well as being hilarious. When I wasn’t laughing, I was either trying to figuring out what drove Audrey’s mom to throw Frank’s computer out of the window or what exactly happened to Audrey to cause her anxiety, which all in all made this book a real page turner. I think that Kinsella managed to talk about mental health, a very serious issue, in a fun and lighthearted manner that did give me a better insight in to what living with anxiety is like without being very heavy or complicated. The fact that this book is so easy to read makes it a perfect book for summer.

One part of the book that stuck with me more than the rest was when Audrey agrees to to Izzy expecting an apology but then is faced with Izzy and her family who believe that Audrey is too blame for some of their problems. I though that this was very realistic since even if someone hurts you, they may believe that you should be the one apologizing to them either because they think you hurt them or the fact that you were hurt hurts them. I though this part of the novel really showed how interpersonal interactions are never really cut and dry since everyone thinks they are the good guy and that they are owed something.

Another thing I really liked about this novel was how Audrey noticed that her family was also hurt by what happened to her and that they also needed to recover. From realizing that her mother had stopped working to Audrey seeing her family’s concern, fear and guilt in their eyes when they look at her, Kinsella managed to show how the whole family was affected by what happened, which I thought was very powerful.

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