Solo vs Group travel. You should go NOW

Solo vs Group travel. You should go NOW

‘You are so brave. How can you travel alone? It is so dangerous for a female traveller out there,’ they say.

I took 9 months off my adult life. I quit my job, packed a backpack and went to explore South East Asia.

Solo travel is ones of the most amazing experiences you can have. It gives you wings and special powers. Makes you feel invincible. You become a master at navigating streets, crossing borders, looking for places to stay and foods to eat. Sometimes it gets tricky. You can get disorientated and lonely, but you can make friends everywhere you go. You have really nailed it if you can be your very best friend.

I believe you should only seek for company if you know you are OK by yourself. I’ve met so many travellers, who would change their route to join someone they’ve just met and then regret it. You should be your own superwoman/superman. 

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Shared journeys are beautiful if you are around people that make your soul dance and smile. You built castles and share stories by the fire, explore caves, get lost in the jungle, party till dawn, go paddle boarding through Mekong river, buy a motorbike for $250 and travel all across Vietnam. If you are lucky you might even cross the border to Cambodia. I made great memories surrounded by the most magical souls. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

When you pack your bags it’s very important that the someone special you take with you does not fill your travels with doubts, fear and negativity.


You see, I am a big pleaser. When traveling with someone I put that person’s needs first. I look back at some of the places I have visited, the travel companions I had, and I know that I was not able to make the most out of it, because of the choices I have made at that time to please someone while forgetting myself. Compromise is OK and listening to each other is what we should all do more often, but make sure you are being listened to as well. You are important!


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Why travel?

I got off the train after a very long day at work. Rush hour. I looked up. There was a billboard with a getaway message. I thought to myself how lucky I was. I have experienced the exact moment pictured there. Watching the sunset while swinging in a hammock with fresh coconut juice in my hands. 

Is there a place you always wanted to go to? A new coffee shop? A trip to the unexplored land 20 miles away, 6 months adventure to Middle East? Do it! I know travel is a luxury and not everyone can  afford it, but if you can, please, make it happen. 

Collect memories, not shoes.


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