The World's highest ocean tide and where to see it

The World's highest ocean tide and where to see it

Sep 9, 2016, 2:39:04 PM Life and Styles

Our planet Earth is full of natural wonders. Some of them are hardly accessible, other are just at our backyard.

One of the most amazing natural processes, in my opinion, is ocean tides. Invisible forces make millions of tons of water flow in different directions, changing its level. At some parts of the World Ocean it is almost invisible, in others it makes a huge impact.

One of the most amazing places to see ocean tides is the Bay of Fundy, located between Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Is it known for having the highest tides in the world!

A rural community of Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia, is a place where officially the highest tides in the world are recorded, the difference in water level reaches 16.3 m (53.5 feet). And what is interesting, the tidal cycle is 12.4 hours, which means that the interval between low and high tide is about  6 hours. Over this period. over 115 billion tonnes of water flows in and out (which equals to about 46 million Olympic-size swimming pools).

I have always dreamed about seeing this natural phenomenon myself since I first learned about it when I was in elementary school. And during my last trip to Halifax I had the perfect chance! It was only a few hours away!

First, I drove to a town of Canning, where I was told is a good place to witness the tide. In my opinion it is quite mediocre. I have googled a little bit and I have found what seemed to be a perfect place. A village called Halls Harbor.

A short drive, and there it is! Exactly what I wished to see! Fishing boats lie on an ocean floor during low tide in a tiny harbor. I could only imagine what it looks like at high tide!

The village is really nice, small and remote. But despite this, it has a lot to offer, from restaurant with fresh lobsters to gift shop and a free WiFi on a street! As a bonus, they have a webcam that streams live on the Internet.

As the interval between tides is about 6 hours, I started waiting. Here on the Internet is official 7-day tide prediction, height and time.

In the meantime I explored the area properly, and prepared to shoot a timelapse of this amazing phenomenon. The result you can see here:

This is a really cool place to visit and amazing experience! First, it is a pleasant drive throught beautiful rural Canada, second, it is a unique place where you can feel the power of Nature and see how it impacts people's lives.

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