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At times, transition is painful, Thank God, it has been a boon and it has never shook me hard, rather it has made me learn new things…so the professional transition has been beneficial to me n I enjoyed the moves.

After studies, which I completed after marriage chose to stay at home, being full time mother to my kids, it was my decision and I had secretly wished the same when they weren’t born, so it was my choice and thankfully, I didn’t need to step out to bring money in the house, so the move was satiating and been a mother of two cutie pie, it was wonderful and I was on cloud nine. When they grew up my lap, I started searching for some assignments that can be carried out working from home. Few encounters I had but all fake…as I was losing hope, a surprise barged in. I was given C&F agency by a multinational company on terms & conditions without any deposits to manage two states and the business was commendable. The surprise banged on n I got engagement at home with handsome earning and it was going peacefully.

After five years, fodder scam was unearthed and we dealt with veterinary products, so our business got hampered or God had some other plans for me. It was difficult to close down the operations of MNC but it was difficult to survive on meager business, so wound up. During that process, Parul, my neighbor approached me to handle her departmental shop as she was not doing well. The godsend plan was wonderful and my toddlers had grown up to stay at home alone for few hours after school, so I took up on a positive approach. Again, there was a transition from indirect sales to OTC sales and I gave up my full and gradually, I owed the shop.

But the God had charted varied plans for me and when the financial market was growing, I tried to get into it and thankfully, my past experiences in sales was counted in and I got a break…it was surprising for all & I joined as a Telecaller for the brand and in two years time, I was heading as Relationship Manager which gave me a fantastic growth in terms of money & post. In the meantime, I had chipped in required certifications of Financial market and gave my 100 percent to learn the basics n tricks of market & in a decade, I was known figure of financial markets n even changed over to leading brands of finances. After 15 years, my health issues crippled me and I started contemplating of changing over. In these years, my cuties were settled so I had to work in for engagements n few bucks to be independent.

I was inclined to my childhood passion n started pursuing the same on mass level and it’s been a year but the journey has been beautiful, satisfying and I have carved a small space in the kingdom of blogging & creative writing where I am getting recognition. I feel like a butterfly who comes out beautiful after been polished at different stages, the ugly larvae transition to a colorful butterfly, people can’t take eyes from her.

The Sweat of Summers

Hardened my Gleam & Clear Beauty

Spring Electrified.

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