How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 12

By forcing me to take a sickness leave, my husband did me one of the best favours anyone had ever done to me in my life. Working for ten years non stop, this break was my first without my kids and my husband. It allowed me to go out of the fast rhyme of life and to slow down. It provided me with the time I needed to answer the big questions I had wished to consider, yet always lacked the quality time it required. 
Quitting my job all of a sudden made me feel imbalanced. I felt confused and rebellious. I saw myself as a committed person and committed people, from my perceptive, don't quit in such a sudden way. On my first day of the sickness leave I grabbed a paper and a pen and started to write down who I am, what are my values, what are my priorities and what is my life purpose. Recalling the video of Stephen R. Covey of the personal mission statement, I started to craft mine. In few hours I had it written and since then I consider it my life compass. In the middle of my stormed feelings I found clarity and I was able to see a strike of light at the end of the tunnel. Since then it became easier for me to make decisions and to reflect on my life. Due to it I became a happier person and more fulfilled. 
I learned how curses are blessings in disguise. I had resisted to take this forced sickness leave and it turned out to be my doorway to a new rhyme of life, to a life of balance, purpose and fulfilment. 

Published by Iman Refaat


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