How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 13

During my obligatory sickness leave from my work as a teacher to save my fading voice I had plenty of time; 'me time'. While writing my personal mission statement I started to think of what mattered to me the most. I was fearing to live forever as a mute person and to lose my job. I asked myself about the one thing that would keep me alive and would prevent me from feeling worthless. I became obsessed with this question. And while feeling broken for not being able to work as a teacher, I recognised that my family is my first priority, that they weren't only alive, yet very supportive to me in my sickness. My anger decreased, I found more clarity and I started to think of my second priority. Contribution. I couldn't imagine my life without contributing, without touching people's lives, without making an impact or inspiring others to become proactive and to make meaningful contributions to their communities. Guiding, inspiring and unleashing teenagers' potentials was my second priority. I knew I wanted to reach them and I wanted to do this face to face, as an educator in a classroom. This conclusion made me decide to do whatever it takes to have my voice back. Restoring my health became my top priority in the next months. And instead of just focusing on resting my vocal cords, I focused on getting rid of the reasons that made me lose my voice from the first place. I realised that I had to adopt a new lifestyle free from fatigue and stress. I had to replace my habits with new ones. I had to work on my thoughts. And most of all I learned to differentiate between the reasons not the symptoms and to study any problem I encounter. 
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