How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 15

When my husband insisted that I take a sickness leave I had to abandon my students all of a sudden, without a prior notice, an explanation or a good bye. "Tomorrow will be your last day to rest your voice," he had ordered. I went home broken. Back then I wondered how life could be so cruel. How could a mother be forced to leave her children in such a cruel way. I was taught since my first year as a teacher that my students were my children. Dealing with them from this perspective we had a bond, we were close and we had dreams. They had running projects and we were used to our weekly lessons. 
This bitter incident made me decide to quit teaching. I was so worried my voice keeps fading and I was more worried to be taken apart from my children. I sent an email to the Chairman informing him that I decided to quit teaching because of my voice and that I needed to know what other roles I can do in the organisation with my current health conditions. I explained that I will resign if they had no room for me. 
Receiving his prompt reply was another lesson I learned from this experience. In his reassuring email he explained that the school will always be hiring me whether I had a voice or not. He advised me not to busy my mind with anything but my health and that secured me that we will discuss my future role when I recover.
I learned that hard work and devotion pay off. I had been working for the same school for 8 years and I had put my heart in my work. From his reply I learned to believe in principles and goodness. 
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