How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 16

Spending nearly two months home alone without working was new to me especially after 10 consecutive years of working as a teacher. Though I had term breaks and end of year vacations, yet I always spent them with my family. The idea of waking up with nothing to do till my children return back from school was unfamiliar. I had some home chores that I used to accomplish in less than two hours and then I was surrounded by void. 
Spending time only with myself was something bizarre. At first I felt lonely and empty. Then little by little I started to search for things that would distract me. I started to inspect my house and check the things that could be done. I spent some time decluttering and then decided to renew few pieces of my furniture. After resenting that I was forced to quit my job for the sake of my voice, my mind became busy with the new furniture and with the people who can benefit from the list of things I decided to give away. Rearranging my old furniture renewed my house energy and gradually I caught myself less frustrated and more accepting to what had happened. 
One of the lessons I had learned is the importance of moving on. That we must not dwell in grief. That we must acknowledge our negative feelings and then distract our minds. That overthinking is a door to hell. When I wasn't busy I kept over crying my problems. I learned that if I don't control my mind it will pull me towards drama as this its nature and it will magnify my problems and entrap me in negativity.  

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