How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 17

Remaining isolated from people for several weeks turned out to be a gate to a new life. At first I had cursed the fact that I had to take a sickness leave for my voice and to remain mute as much as possible. And though I felt lost at the beginning, little by little my mind calmed and I remembered how I loved reading when I was a child and how I used to read when my kids where younger and my work load was lighter. 
Having nothing productive to do I decided to start reading again. I felt better, way better. In the pages of the books I read I made new friends, I travelled and visited new placed, I went out of the limited circle called myself and indulged in the lives of others and befriended them. Reading perfectly matched my health condition. It didn't required me to speak and it didn't cause me fatigue or stress, which were the main causes of losing my voice. Experiencing the powerful impact of books both on my emotional and mental status, I made an oath to read a minimum of a book per month as long as I live. Till now I read 90 books. I made it with one book per month most of the time except for summer vacation in which I read more than one. And I must admit that this pledge helped me evolve.
One of the lessons I learned from this experience is the importance of pulling myself away of the drama called self-pity. And that it's vital in hard times to find a way to turn this time into an elevator to a new version of ourselves.

Published by Iman Refaat


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