How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 18

How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 18

When I was diagnosed with acute inflammation in my vocal cords I was ordered to remain mute for three weeks and not to mutter a single word.  These three weeks happened to take place in a certain timing that I failed to understand for years. My youngest sister, who is my best friend too, was getting married. Her Henna party was scheduled few days after losing my voice. I celebrated her Henna and her wedding voiceless. During her honeymoon she called to check on me while I just heard her voice unable to reply. 

To be honest I was in rage. I pretended to be fine. I danced on her Henna and I laughed on her wedding party and from the inside I was so angry. Why? And why now? Why me and why do I deserve this? 

Years passed and those feelings of anger, rage and rejection for the timing remained at the back of my mind. Though I had learned many lessons from this experience, yet the matter of timing always puzzled me.

Listening to one of Robin Sharma's mastery sessions I unfolded the mystery of my riddle. He explained how our brains are wired to negativity and how we constantly feed our brains with negative thoughts.  I comprehended that it was me and my thoughts the main problem behind my rage. 

I realised that life goes on no matter what. That I had limitless blessings when I lost my voice, yet I failed to see any and just focused on what I had lost. And that's one of the most valuable lessons I learned; instead of crying over what I lost, I better celebrate what I have and remember that this is life, nothing will last forever and no one will live forever. I learned to be happy no matter what I miss because my blessings will always be greater.


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