How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 19

Communicating through writing in my personal life was new to me. Before losing my voice I depended on verbal communication. Yet with my vocal cords problem I had no choice. I moved with a pen and a copybook everywhere, at home and wherever I went. And without noticing it, writing became a daily habit. 

At the beginning I used to write only to communicate with others. Yet holding negative feelings and being unable to get them out with my friends or my sisters through talking chocked me. I felt lost in a maze and surrounded by walls of bricks. I found no one who could truly understand how I felt or who could calm my stormed soul. And that's how another dimension of my life was created.  

At first I started putting my negative feelings on papers. Then little by little I noticed how writing soothed me. I figured out that writing how I felt helped me identify what truly annoyed me and as if with every paragraph I scribbled a wall of bricks was put down. 

Being forced to communicate through writing was a gift the universe had offered me. It's true it was wrapped with sickness, yet it turned out to be a priceless gift. Writing, not only helped me channel my negative feelings, yet it deepen my understanding of myself and connected me with my emotions. When facing difficult times it takes me a short pause to say exactly how I feel and what do I need to do to restore my positive spirit. 


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