How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 20

During my sickness leave to rest my vocal cords I spent more time with myself than usual. Tired from written communication, I avoided people as much as I could. After busing myself with decluttering and renewing my house, reading, and journaling to channel my negative feelings I still had time. I started to communicate with myself, to talk with her and listen to what she had to say. I started to exercise regularly and to look at my life from a wider view. Though I was angry from what had happened to me, I started to find comfort in my own company and this was something new to me. I always sought social activities and hardly spent time on my own. 

Losing my voice forced me to befriend myself. With the passing weeks I got used to solitude and learned to enjoy my own company. I stopped depending on anyone to entertain me or to make me feel better. I practiced self-care. 

Turning mute made me learn to be my close friend. This lesson reminded me with a quote I read years ago for Rabbi Hillel: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me?".

I came out from this hardship with a new loyal friend; myself.


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