How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 6

How Turning Mute Made Me Better Not Bitter #Lesson 6

If you wonder how am I able to write so openly about my personal experience as a voiceless person, I don't. Back then, I never thought I will be doing such a thing. We all face hardship in our lives, many of us dwell in sadness and allow these tough times to transform them gradually. Recognising how this awful experience transformed me to become better, and not bitter, I thought it might be selfish not to share what I have been through and how it unfolded. 
My main question to the doctor when he declared my vocal cords acute inflammation was 'why'? "Stress and fatigue," he answered. I felt puzzled, not understanding what did stress and fatigue had to do with my vocal cords. 
Living this experience I learned that there are many diseases that I wasn't taking seriously. A flu, a headache, a stomach pain or a back pain grabbed my attention and forced me to rest, yet when it came to stress and fatigue, I took them lightly not considering their real impact on my body organs.
Was this one of the lessons that I had learned well? Unfortunately not. Last year I had a problem with my colon and again it was due to stress. However, recalling my experience with my voice, I acted promptly and courageously removing the factor that was causing me stress this time.
Stress, fatigue, worry, anxiety, overthinking do affect our mental and physical health.

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