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For most people when they start a new book, weather it is a series or a stand alone novel. We want to be want to be drawn in by the end of the first chapter, the first page even.  If I'm to really like a book I read the blurb several times before I even buy the book itself.

So for the net few posts I'm going to be sharing my book wish list with you guys, I'm trying to collect several books from the same authors and I’m not currently reading any series that I know off.

So let the wish list beginning….

P.S. I will be happy to do some book reviews on the ones that I already have just leave a comment under this post and I will post it as soon as I can.

The Second author is ‘Rosie Goodwin’

About The Author:

Before becoming a writer, Rosie was a Place Support Officer and foster career, and worked in the social services department after completing a teacher training course.  Many children have joined Rosie’s family of the years.  Rosie Still lives in Nuneaton, (where many of her books are set) with my husband; Trevor, and our beloved dogs.

Books - Bold = Already Have:

Dilly’s Lass
Dilly’s sacrifice
The mill girl
Home front girls
A mother’s shame
The soldier’s daughter
The empty cradle

The misfit
The ribbon weaver
A band of steel
The lost soul
Rose among thorns
Yesterday’s shadows
No one’s girl
Moonlight and ashes
The boy from nowhere
The sand dancer
Tilly Trotters legacy
Crying shame
The mallen secret
Dancing till midnight
Our little secret
The bad apple

Well that is my second book wish list, I was planning on making it all one post but it would be way to long, so I'm going to split it up into 3 parts. Let me know if you want me to A) post them one after another or B) put other posts between them, I’m personally thinking about B. 

But I’ll finish this post now and let you get on with your days. So I’ll ‘see’ you in my next post

Thanks for Reading
Signing Out


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