The Weird One (T.W.O)

The Weird One (T.W.O)

Aug 2, 2016, 9:15:26 PM Creative

Many times when I was younger, I was treated differently
Not because I wasn’t human but because I was weird
I do always love dark lonely places mulling all by myself
Many do thought I was an Ogbanje communing with my mates
I was the weird one

I was taken many times to be exorcise by confused exorcists
They didn’t know what to do with me since no spirits was manifesting
I must be a special breed of someone who has vow to end their trade
Many of my kind still they don’t know, they had better change job
I am the weird one

One almost broke my neck in the name of exorcising
I had to scream in discomfort before he let my neck loose
Different oils, soaps, sponge and many concoctions used
And yet the dark places love grows in intensity
I was the weird one

Is there a problem with being alone in dark places?
Now I am old yet I still love em alone  dark places
Dark places where my mind and soul melt and sang in union
My spirit bonding with the real me while I tune in to the depth
I am the weird one

My small Quincy eyes doing it trick when they thought I am asleep
In my daze I see them humans, walking before me as trees
The dichotomies of their thoughts lay bare before me in flashes
If only they knew, perhaps I might be the latest guru
Being weird is great and normal

I do close my eyes and let my mind wander away into the abyss of the universe
I enjoy the serenity, peace, tranquility and harmony so much the present lack meaning
I was never meant to fit in but to stand out
I have always being the weird one



Published by Immanuel Olaleye

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