For The Bullies & The Bullied

For The Bullies & The Bullied

A question has been going around social media that asks.

"What were you bullied for?"

[ As someone who has been a constant target of bullying her whole life and have witnessed numerous circumstances in which bullying has destroyed lives. I would like to voice my thoughts. I am pertaining to the type of bullying that leads to depression, anxiety, and if further unsupervised..suicide. In our times today this continues to be a problem, a result of increasing number of people with serious mental problems. ] 

And this is my answer...

It is not the question of "what were you bullied for?"
But the question of "why do they bully others?"

Because these type of people will always focus on the flaws of others and not of themselves.
Because their egos and pride inflate by putting other people down. 
Because their self-esteem is secretly low, that they cannot uplift themselves by focusing on their own problems.

They do it by judging others and pointing out other people's imperfections and ignoring their own.
This does not help them.
This does not make them more important.
This does not make them better than you.

This shows their immorality and disrespect.
This shows their lack of empathy.
This shows their need for self reflection and humility.

So next time you're bullied.
Don't be offended.
It is them you should pity for having the luxury to meddle with other people's lives.

You don't need their approval.
You don't need to please everyone.
You don't need to feel ashamed of making mistakes
Because this is how we learn.
And how we respond to these treatment, dictates how it will affect us.

It's not mentally easy.
You cant control all your emotions.
But trying doesn't hurt.
Be the one who's mature enough to understand.

When you do get through it.
You'll be stronger
more patient
more enduring
and you're the one who grows.

But this does not excuse them for their actions. 
Bullying highlights other people's flaws with no consideration of their emotional stability.
If a person is sincerely concerned of your own life, they will help you and advise you constructively.
They will not gang up on you and treat you like garbage.

Because...other people can never discriminate you for being your honest self.

I will not play victim. 
I will not pretend that I'm special. 
I am not saying i have not made this mistake, be it unintentional or not

What I'm saying is we need to be cautious of the effects of our actions.
Because what other people feel is more important than our unsolicited opinion.

Let us not blame the victims. Words that increase their pain are unnecessary. Words like..."get over it", "you're just weak", "stop being so sensitive" and "just kill yourself ..." 

What we must do is teach our children and loved ones to be more compassionate. To cultivate empathy for each other.

Let us stop breeding cold-hearted monsters. 

Let us create a world of advocates and healers... 

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