Motivation from the mind of an INFP ( a creative idealist )

Motivation from the mind of an INFP ( a creative idealist )

A continuation to my prose about the mind of an INFP 

As someone who lives inside their thoughts, I ponder upon certain ideals, principles and values. I have repeatedly analyzed and filtered every perspective and view I have of life as of to date, but they continue to expand. What I have reflected upon within my environment and how I cope with it, is something I find of great importance. The society we live in affects our life profoundly. Our reaction to these stimuli dictates our future. 

Living in a country and environment that favors the religious, traditional and conservative, I've had my fair share of oppositions. As individualism is alienated, but blind worship and manipulation openly accepted, I have been dumbfounded by such propaganda. 

Most religions may try to be traditional and demand you to live your life under infinite rule. To act on things they themselves do not understand and have created numerous interpretations. Battling like kids if the toilet water should flush clockwise or counterclockwise, though it is in your faith to choose and as we generally see the circumstances are paradoxical. It is not how it works does it? It is by birth that most people have been dictated to live.

Society makes it seem so wrong that one lead their own lives, to drift from the herd, and create a path one thinks is in utmost comfort and belief in. One may gain enlightened believers or take the step on their own for one’s beneficence. That again is one more action that people label as a sin, because of its indifference. To choose a path that will benefit you with no malice for others.

Can we not base our morals by the statement “this has been done for the past hundred years and so on”? Yes, we may learn from the past and we may adapt the experiences they’ve had. But can we not use our own minds? And have our own views and beliefs? To not copy only what others have been doing?

Change is constant in life. Nothing can stay the same forever. Things that applied to others or the past generations, will not always apply to the present. We evolve, we improve and we move forward because we cannot linger on the past.

This world is being modified to be an industry of servants and not leaders of their own lives, which reflects the agenda of the higher power unto its people. Being very traditional their intent are not of the good of the people, but themselves. Creating a world of zombies, slaves and bee workers and that is the great hindrance that keep people from living.

But I question myself, how will you serve others, when everyone has a varied definition of what is good and no one can ever be purely good? One may have good intentions, but not everyone will perceive your actions as good. Resulting in my belief that, why must one linger on the thought of being good, when it is but best to first evaluate oneself, then realize your purpose of living, your principles, your personality and eventually your actions and the way you make them, after such chosen paths and decisions.This is when you will be able to create truly good intentions for others, with your own evaluation of what you have perceived will be of good coming for them. And not for the purpose of expecting something back.

Misunderstandings will be inevitable, for anything one does, that is new to society and the majority will be questionable, unless it is accepted by many. The only way to obtain this wretched approval for the dysfunctional validation of our society is to persevere and stand up for your beliefs to not be swayed by instant judgments and have faith in your abilities, but it does not mean you can never accept criticism, for one who is able to evaluate oneself will know when an idea is constructive and well-reviewed or not.

This type of wisdom is hard to obtain, there will be times that you will make mistakes and be affected by external factors, but you must proof read and reestablish anything that makes others think twice, then which may result to change, improvement, modification or a stronger reason to stand for your beliefs.

Yes, one does make mistakes with their own judgment, which makes everything much harder for someone who has not gained enough wisdom. It will render the person who lacks it, into confusion.

It may be wise though to adapt with surroundings to avoid unnecessary debates and drama that will waste your brain cells, which will just be another erroneous factor to pull you down. You will never be able to avoid this, and sadly there will be more and more people that will be against you, as you further your distance to reach your goal.

People have their own beliefs and they create numerous opinions, some may even scrutinize you basing on the judgments of others, which is the worst. People in every corner of the world will never stop with their criticism, it is not right to adjust yourself to everyone’s preferences, for that is an impossible act to achieve. It is but instilled in peoples mind that you are of no rationality if you drift away from the system.

Here we come to the point of asking, why should I care? Should I take actions that will benefit all and make no disagreements with others, well laughably that is impossible, why do we always try to make this so?

It is within ones pleasure and displeasure to hear words that may hurt or praise oneself but that is not the goal of creating it is to go forward, make new and discover the mysteries that you want to unravel ,which defines creation, not for the feedback, but for the result regardless of how people will perceive you.

Most people who are content of being zombies, of being another product of the system, of being idle and ignorant, those who are controlled by the society, those who live their lives by the opinion of others, will never understand this. These people would ask, why waste time doing so? Yes, it is a waste, but only for them, because their minds do not see. Only their mouths are of content and you may answer to them hoping that they will be able to comprehend your words.

“There are people who live in the present, past and future. There are those who think within borders who do not consider those they do not see. There are also those who isolate themselves, who do not consider being under any system and choose to be a conscious being in a universe of endless mysteries.

They are which who endeavors one soul and mind in existence. Creating their own meanings and reasons, not looking for it in other people’s opinions, in whose content is defined by their own views.

They are those who are of individuality, these people you mock of their indifference are those who question, those who evaluate, those who are rational, those who are not modified to be living robots;



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