3 Steps to Optimise Your Team Performance in Your Organisation

3 Steps to Optimise Your Team Performance in Your Organisation

Feb 13, 2019, 2:43:40 AM Business

It’s extremely important that your firm’s teams are performing to the best of their ability. Any weaknesses need to be weeded out as soon as possible in order to really maximise the potential of your business. Of course, keeping up with each team can be a trying process, but there are a few ways to make it easier on everyone.

Consequently, here are the 3 steps to help you optimise team performance in your organisation.

Hire Well

The process of optimising your team’s performance can begin as early as the hiring stages. If you’re looking to add a new addition to the team, you need to start asking questions like; will this candidate work well with our employees? They could be talented, but will there be personality clashes? Are they capable of keeping up? Remember, one wrong move here and you risk crippling your team’s efficiency instead of enhancing it.

You don’t want to throw a wrench in the works, so ensure that you hire well. Recognise that teams are made of individual entities, as are company cultures. After all, it’s been said before that “businesses don’t fail, people do”, so make sure that each person you hire is truly a team player, and not just using the term as a generic addition to their CV. Put them through roleplaying activities, for example, and you’ll see how legitimate they really are.

Get the Latest Systems and Software

It’s much easier to keep tabs on people when you do it digitally and online. This way, you can cut out time spent in meetings, not only for yourself but for your employees too. Remember, wasted time is a big killer of company productivity. It’s so much easier to manage people when much of the data relating to performance is in one place, instead of undertaking liaisons with many different parties for mere snippets of varying information.

For example, the Agility CMMS systems from Insight should be used here, as they optimise the performance of not only your people, but your machines and other assets too. They’re used in a diverse range of industries, providing a single reference point for asset information. Additionally, if you use more standard communication software such as Slack, you’ll be further eliminating wasted time. Got a question? Fire out a question through your secure Slack servers and enable everyone to stay on task for longer!

Optimise Treatment

Even if someone is the most talented worker in the world, they still need those extra incentives to really give everything to a company. If they feel their pay is less than what is fair, or that their pensions are at risk, they’ll be much less motivated to produce great results for the company. In order to ensure their devoted to your organisation, you really need to meet them half way.

If you want to optimise team performance, you need to optimise the treatment of your teams. Are you an understanding boss who brings out the best in people, or a grouch who enforces tough and unfair regulations? The concept of working for rewards shouldn’t be lost on you, so make sure that your employees stay motivated. Perhaps you could offer pay rises, bonuses based on commission, flexible holiday times, a more robust HR service, etc? If your teams love the company, they’ll love to work!

Published by Inder Chauhan

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