Best Electric Guitar Under 300: Top Picks

Choosing the Best Electric Guitar Under 300 dollars is a good start. However, you should pick the right model when learning to play the tricks of musical instruments. If you fail to select the right guitar, you will only find yourself struggling to produce those amazing sounds you ever wanted. To help you with your search, here are some of the best electric instruments under 300 that you may consider.

Our Electric Guitar Recommendations

ESP LTD M-50 Electric Guitar

It is a classy S-type guitar of the 80s. The unit has a comfortable, simple looking body made out of basswood in a satin finish. Crafted in maple, the neck of the model is thin with a U-shape. For the headstock, it features the reverse design to enhance the overall look and feel of the model. Additionally, the unit has 22 extra jumbo frets fully complete with the inlay dots fingerboard made of rosewood.

The pick-ups placed on the bridge area as well as the neck are hum that sounds like a breeze. Also, the controls for the humbuckers are pretty straightforward. Other exciting features of the unit are a master volume, mater tone and 3-way blade for playing both or switching between pick-ups. The bridge is actually a vintage tremolo system ideal for a vibrato effect, and the tuners are die-cast. Even though the unit is priced in the low range, it has a well- built body that can last longer.

Squier Standard Telecaster Guitar

Telecaster is a big part of Cultural Revolution and music. This guitar has been used by innumerable players since its debut in the 1950s. With great tones and timeless design, it presents some of the best sounds and better comfort level for amateur as well as professional guitarists. The Squier Standard Telecaster imitates the design of original Fender Telecaster models.

While the specifications may not be comparable to the Fender, they work just fine for the money you pay for. The feel and sound of the model are simply amazing like the Fender models. Pick-ups are controlled by a 3-position blade for selecting pick-ups, tone and master volume. While the bridge design is complete with block saddles, the tuning machines are standard die-cast.

Dean VX classic black Electric Guitar

Some guitarists state that a V-shaped guitar may not work well. The Dean classy black model defies this statement. You can place the unit at the center and anchor the V-part in your thigh to get going with sound creation. In fact, the V-shape gives more advantages to the player. The guitar becomes lighter and you gain full access on higher frets when you come up to the neck to play solos and lifts.

Made out of basswood in a classy black finish along with a bolt-on maple neck, the Dean VX features a 22 extra jumbo frets fingerboard that is complete with white dot markers. The guitar also includes the DMT designed humbuckers on its neck and bridge for mustering a rich fat tone that is controlled by a 3-way toggle switch, a tone knob and 2 volumes. While the tuners are sealed die-cast, the bridge is Tune-o-Matic with a stop-bar tail piece.

Closing words

A low priced guitar can be a great choice for starters to sharpen their skills in the world of music. However, you need to have your hands on the right unit; otherwise, you will not be able to enhance your skills. Just check out the top-rated electric guitars in the economical price range as listed above. By selecting the best electric guitar under $300 in view of your needs, you could definitely move onto a better level with a better quality instrument.

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