The Golf Swing In Two Moves

The Golf Swing In Two Moves

Jan 16, 2019, 1:34:26 PM Business

Playing golf gets you outdoors in the fresh air, where you'll be surrounded by stunning scenery and quiet tranquility. Golf is good exercise, and it can be a lot of fun. But golf can also be incredibly frustrating. When your swing is just a little off, your ball might end up being a whole lot off. That's when the game starts to become a little less fun, or even a lot less fun depending on how bad the swing is! Learn how to complete a golf swing in two moves, and you'll be on your way to perfecting your game and having fun on the course.


A good golf swing is essential for a good game of golf. You have to learn the fundamentals of any game before you can play it well, and the golf swing is a fundamental element of this game. Once you improve your swing, you'll improve your game to levels you never even imagined. Start by learning the basics of how to swing, and you can start to build strong skill. To build anything, you always need to start with a solid foundation.


Golf is complex in many ways. There are many rules to follow, many different clubs to choose, wind speeds and green speeds and all kinds of details to consider. But the golf swing itself can be simplified down to just two moves: push and pull. Master this simple technique, and you will begin to master a truly perfect swing.

To properly swing a club, you want to push it back and then pull and through. Put both movements together seamlessly to create one fluid swing that will connect beautifully with the ball. Start by pushing the club back with your left hand. Allow your left shoulder to turn with your upper body as you push the club back and extend your swing.

When you get to the top of your swing, it's time to begin the pull move with your left leg. Allow your left leg and knee to pull the rest of your lower body forward as you pull the club forward and connect with the ball in a good, solid swing. When you hit the ball well, you'll feel it. Pay attention to your body, and you will continue to improve your swing.

Perfecting Your Swing

Practice the motion until it feels natural, and make sure you're doing a push-pull technique, and not a pull-push technique. Keep trying the motion off and on the golf course before you swing at a real ball. When you know how to do the motion even with your eyes closed, practice your swing with actual balls. You'll get more of a feel for your swing as you practice, and you'll start to hit lots of good golf balls on the course.

Two Moves to Great Golf

Learn two simple moves, and you will learn how to perform a golf swing that will solidly connect with golf balls. You'll hit them straighter and more powerfully than with any other type of swing, and you'll hit with far more accuracy. After you master these two basic moves, you can begin to fine-tune your swing until you're hitting good golf balls from the tee and the fairway. Leave the frustration of golf behind, and start enjoying this fun outdoor activity.

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